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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Penis enlargement spam
wouldn’t be so obnoxious if it came with videos like this. The dude from the penis relaxation video (model Steffen Berlin) demonstrates
some dick enlargement techniques. As if he wasn’t swinging large to begin with.
I love how the British narrator makes this cock stroking video sound like a
National Geographic documentary about gazelles. He really classes up the joint.


"To be conscious of reality connotes not only 

that one 


but that he knows he


Theophile Obenga

"Who Am I?"


About The Movie:

A young Peter Parker was abandoned by
his parents late one night and send off to live with his Aunt and Uncle. Years
later he comes upon a briefcase his father left behind that has a formula in
it. He visits the offices of Dr. Curt Connors, Mr. Parker's partner all those
years ago, and finds that they were trying to work on something that would
allow humans to cross species with animals allowing, among other things, for
humans to regrow limbs when needed. While in the offices, Peter is bitten by a
spider which suddenly gives him powers beyond imagination. But when his formula
allows Dr. Connors to also cross himself an animal, this time a lizard, it
leads to disastrous consequences, giving rise to a creature unlike any other.

What Is Good About The Movie:

I enjoyed the movie more that I expected and I feel it is headed in the right direction. I did think it was unnecessary to go over the origin story again, but I accept that we have a new actor in the role so let his origin tell the reboot tale. Andrew Garfield had more emotional depth and doesn't 'spin' between gloom, doom and hyper-happiness with no emotion. Andrew plays spider man like a kid who discovers this awesome power and has some AWESOME fun with it before realizing he's got to step and be a man.

Emma Stone really played well with Garfield in this movie and was her cute adorable self. I like that she isn't waiting to be rescued and is more than happy to mix it up a little. As far as villains go, while the Lizard wasn't the greatest villain in the world, he wasn't as cheesy as Doc Ock or the Green Goblin. There was some humanity left in him, even while he was vicious. 

Visually the movie was tremendous, with nothing looking like CGI, even the flying sequences through the streets of New York. When Spider-Man goes flying through the city, you're right along with him and it honestly feels like you're on a ride at Disney World. Thought Garfield wasn't an obvious choice for this role, he did a damn fine job with it. I'm hoping with the inevitable sequel they ratchet up the bad guys and bring a little more depth to Spider-Man, but not allow him to go all maudlin and brood for half the film. I know in this day and age people want a superhero with issues but let them have some fun, especially when the superhero is a young kid. 

What Is Bad About The Movie:

So overall, I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man more than I thought I would. However there is still a little part of me that feels that it is much too early for a reboot. Hopefully they can change my mind with the sequel.

Overall Grade:



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