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Monday, June 4, 2012


There’s nothing worse than a man with
no rhythm in the bedroom. And usually, I’m more than willing to instruct my
lovers how to stroke me properly. But there are occasions that I really just
want them to get it right the first time, and not hump me like they’re
descendents of a dog species.

I’ve had gorgeous lovers, many in perfect shape, extremely athletic, and
flexible. But for some strange reason, they get in the bed and their hips only
know one motion: back and forth super rapidly without stopping. In most cases, men’s
ass muscles do not respond forcefully to one motion during sex.

So I feel the need to have a
conversation with our gay men. Because good homosexual sex takes joint focus on
two persons’ needs. You can’t just hump men like jack rabbits (well you can), and then ask why our
faces looked dead when you use our asses like lab receptacles. We’re not your
semen dumping grounds. You should just rub a nut and watch a porno flick if
you’re going to be self-centered.

Stroking is an art. It’s power lies in spontaneity, different levels of
speed, various depths, and most importantly, rhythm. A good stroke is
spontaneous because it will keep the man guessing, speed up to activate the
many points that bring him that pleasurable pain, slow down to provide a
crescendo into exploring his depths, and yet still feel like a beautiful rhythm
that you’ve composed through your head.

It’s not enough to simply give us monotone humps, and expect a porn star
reaction. If you want a man to moan, shake, and naturally tighten his ass
muscles, it’s a requirement to constantly work on your stroke.

Once you’ve got the stroke down, you can add small touches like gently
massaging his prostate or sucking his toes, all while you keep your rhythm. But
without the good stroke, none of these extras will compensate. Master the basic
ingredients, and then add the icing. Good sex requires dedication to
self-improvement. And there’s no reason for anyone to settle for mediocre,
one-sided sex when two-partnered bliss awaits.

What constructive criticism can we provide our men for better stroking
and better sex? 


It ain't easy
taking one for the team... get a closer look inside the minds of boys who
really put mind over matter! -Done in the style of the EVER-HILARIOUS
JennaMarbles (one of my fave new youtubers!) 

Men, if you are a bottom, or have ever bottomed in sex – don’t lie like you haven’t – this video will have you laughing and relating to some of the thoughts that Martin acts out.  What makes the comedy even funnier is the realism that Martin expresses in his body positions.


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