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Friday, December 23, 2011


I wish
we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar
of it every month.
-- Harlan Miller


Louis Vuitton has
always been known for its variety of high quality products; luggage, bags,
shoes, clothes, sunglasses… and now condoms! WAIT, what?! Yes you read it
correctly. Louis Vuitton has now entered the contraception business. Fans of
the brand can now completely “cover up”  in all Louis Vuitton, with no
exceptions. I heard that Chanel was offering a similar product with the French
House famous “C’s” written on it.

You can never put a price on
protection, except when the protection will cost you $68 per condom for the LV
ones. From the price tag alone it’s apparent that like the rest of the Louis
Vuitton products, these condoms are to cater to the rich and wealthy, and those
who live above their means. I heard that Chanel condoms are sold by pack of 12
and it would cost around $280. I say “would” because they are very hard to
Xmas is cumming,
these condoms could be excellent gift ideas for your f*&k~friends or nice
hostess gifts…


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