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Sunday, August 14, 2011


When you look @ the history of what we know about the world, you see a
very noticeable pattern. Natural explanations of things have been replacing supernatural
explanations of them.
the sun rises and sets? Where thunder and lightning come from? Why people get
sick? How the complexity of life came into being?
I could go on and on and depending on your view is more or less
complex than the questions I asked. I often wonder how we could come up with
explanations for the sun rising and setting and things of that nature, but not
be able to explain how or why we allow the short comings of
‘Christians’ to make so many of us feel like we are not human. What happens when they are asked to
prove the existence of God?

They use all the bogus
catchphrases, the sound bites, the emotional punches-to-the-gut to solidify the
existence of God. But can I ask, why
does God need arguments, anyway? Why does God need people to make his arguments
for him? Why can't he just reveal his true self, clearly and unequivocally, and
settle the question once and for all? If God existed, why wouldn't it just be
It is not up to the Atheist to
prove that God does exist. It is up to theists to prove that he does. And in
the absence of any genuinely good, solid evidence or arguments in favor of
God's existence
in the presence of a whole lot of very solid arguments against it) how can they
continue to hold the null hypothesis of theism: that God almost certainly does exist,
and that it is completely reasonable to act as if the Atheist is wrong?
So as ‘Christians’ further perpetuated through fear, intimidation, tradition and social
I fail to see how asking an Atheist to believe them until
they get pie in the sky. 


Some people say there's no god. I
disagree. I think there're actually four gods: The god of money, the god of
medicine, the god of war and the god of technology. Like it or not, these are
the gods that rock our world. I mean, when stuff goes seriously wrong who do
you call? Your priest or your lawyer? Your rabbi or your doctor? Your minister
or a cop? Your monk or the smug little geek who set up your home entertainment
system? But while the gods of tech, medicine, guns and money give us the
illusion of being safe, they don't give our lives meaning. For that we need
other gods. And who are these other gods? Well, look around. They're sports
stars, movie stars, rock stars, the occasional political and business figures,
cute chicks who become princesses, and rich chicks who don't seem to require
food. These are the deities who connect us with our abandoned inner selves.
Their joy is our joy, their suffering is our suffering. We love and fear them,
and occasionally crucify them. Which is a long-winded way of getting to what I
do for a living. I buy and trade relics: the physical remains of dead gods. –
Chuck Lorre


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