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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I find myself reading the daily entries on the blog My First Gay Crush and I LOVE what they do there. Reading the stories of various men and women who reveal their first same-sex crush when they didn’t know what sexuality was all about. Ever since I started reading this blog, I’ve wondered who my first gay crush was. I keep going to the best friends that I had in various levels of my school life, but I can’t be sure who the first was. So how about you, who was your FIRST GAY CRUSH? Who was that male you found yourself fascinated with? 


So I made my usual pilgrimage to the movies to see a ''chick flick'', yes a chick flick,that promised to be the female equivalent of The Hangover. Though not as raunchy it was still hilarious and funny.

Bridemaids  stars Kristin Wiig who plays Annie, whose life is a complete mess and can't seem to catch a break. As Lillian,Annie's best friend is about to get married she simply must serve as maid-of-honor, despite the hurdles of the expense,bizarre rituals and the actions of an overzealous yet seemingly more appropriate new friend.

What's Good About the Movie:

The entire cast was excellent with great comedic timing and gelled perfectly together. 

The physical comedy was simply brilliant of which Kristin Wiig's and Melissa McCarthy as Meagan who played Lillian's sister-in-law must be given special mention.

What's Bad about the Movie:

Yes there were some scenes that were a bit unrealistic- the scene at the bridal store comes to mind but it's fiction and comedy and its purpose is to entertain and make us laugh.

Overall Grade: A-,definitely one of the best comedies of the year.


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