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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have been having regular get-togethers with a man who is quite well endowed. I am what I guess could be considered a power bottom, so he always tops me and I'm more than fine with this. My concern is this: Is it possible to do any sort of permanent damage from getting it too often from someone who's big? There was a little blood the first few times but really nothing since. He's a very considerate top and (believe it or not) most times it doesn't hurt at all, even when he first enters. But one day we went at it five times over the course of 12 hours. I'm just wondering if I need to worry about incontinence or any other unpleasantness down the road.



They try to appear ' mature ', will tell you that they are not like the other young men, and will swear that they have thier own. Unfortunately, after a few months, you realize that you are the only person contributing to the partnership. They can't afford to take you out but expect to be wined and dined. Like Bobo the fool, you put  your self esteem in the trash can rationalizing the hot sex with this choice man as worth it. No. You would have been better off hiring an escort from .  

The above example is the reality of Gay Gold Diggers preying on mature professional men in the community. You have finally come into your own. Confident with your sexuality, you have created the life you want.  You've got a nice place to live. You've got great clothes. You can afford nice hotels. You're at the top of your game. You're a business success. You have money in the bank. And now you want to go out there and find a partner. Use this quick tips to make sure you don't fall prey to men only looking for thier next meal ticket.

Don't Talk About Work
“Don't talk about your impressive client list or agency you work for.
Just tell let your date know you are professional and have your hands in a couple of different ventures right now .

Date More
Don't invite a potential partner to your home or personal affairs without dating a few times. In the gay world, dating is almost a sin. '  Why date when I can just fuck and take it from there. '  I am asked all the time. Because if you are dealing with a gold digger, he will have you whipped by the sex and blinded to his real intention. I suggest at least 3 dates. Why ? he will either have an emotional connection to you or not. So by the time you actually bring them back to your house they're already emotionally invested, and it has nothing to do with how much money you earn.

Keep your Mouth Shut  
A lot of men who are very successful tend to brag about who they are on dates because, as men, we brag a lot among ourselves. By taking this out of the equation -- by simplifying your dates and not talking about money and not talking about work -- you'll have the opportunity to bond and asses your dates true motivation.
A gold digger will never go out with you past the first date if he can't sum up who you are and assess what they can get out of you. So any man who will go through a series of dates is serious about a relationship. The money and the toys and the beautiful home will just be an added benefit.

How to tell If he's a Gold Digger  
 He states on his profile that he is looking for generous men.
He lists shopping as a hobby on his profile.  
 He is hesitant about dating you because he all of a sudden has some unexpected bill and can't afford to go.  
He starts asking for handouts.
He loves upscale items but can't pronounce or spell them.

The Simple Fix  
Take his ass on dates that don't cost you a dime and see if he sticks around. Demand that when you go out, you split the bill.
And listen to see if he really wants to get to know you.



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