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Sunday, April 17, 2011


A disproportionate number of LGBT youth who go through the juvenile justice system end up encountering discrimination and abuse. IN THE LIFE features the stories of young people who share their journeys of going through ill equipped correctional institutions and the voices of advocates who are fighting for change. Followed by a look at the consequences youth face for not conforming to gender "appropriate" dress and behavior in their homes and schools.


The punch thrown by this fantasy/sci-fi/action film fell rather flat. Sucker Punch stars Emily Browning (Uninvited,2009) as ''Babydoll'' ,a young girl with an abusive father. In the opening scene, after a failed sexual assault as Babydoll  she retaliates and pulls a gun on her step-father, the police are called and she is taken to a mental asylum -where corruption and exploitation are the order of the day. Through dance (which is what the girls are primarily recruited to do for clients) Babydoll is able to escape her cruel world and allows her control that is otherwise lacking in her life. Dance not only provides a metaphoric escape but also a way for her and her other captives a way to escape that which is their hell hole.

What's Good about the Movie:

The Soundtrack and Score. I must admit that the music selected seemed very appropriate and enhanced scenes and the viewing experience. It's kind of sad when this is the first thing that can be mentioned in positive light when doing a critique but I think it was one the best things about the movie.Would there be  an oscar nomination for best score -highly doubt it.

There were credible performances delivered by Carla Gugino as Dr Vera Gorski- therapist/choreographer/dance instructor for the girls. As well as Jenna Malone who gave a good performance as a tortured and emotionally troubled girl.

What's bad about the Movie:

The special and visual effects which are portrayed as central points of the film are somewhat amateurish and it feels like you are looking at a  video game as opposed to a movie. We get that it is suppose to convey someone's fantasy but more could have been done to improve these effects.

While dance is suppose to also play a central role in this film and is used by the lead character as her escape, never once did we see her dance. I think this would have enhanced those scenes and really connect the audience to her and that emotional journey.

Overall Grade: D, The punch failed to connect though it had its moments, felt too much like a video game and we couldn't feel connected to the main character on her journey.


At the end of last episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race posted on TGK, Ru announced that she was giving the judges a chance to bring back queens that they felt had been axed too soon, so I ran a poll in my post about the episode, asking: “Which queen should return to RuPaul’s Drag Race next week?”
When I last checked the results, Shangela (33 percent), Delta Work (26 percent), and Mariah (12 percent) were leading the way. And somehow, Carmen wasn’t a option in the poll (sorry, maybe that was a subliminal mistake that adds up to who I didn’t want to see back?), but surprise: Carmen was indeed who judges Michelle Visage, Santino Rice, and Billy B. decided should return. “I’m back, bitches!” she shouted after coming through a door to the work room. But in so many ways it was like, really, you’re bringing Carmen back? Ugh, what a disaster.

And, truly, that’s what bringing Carmen back was — a disaster. Why? Well, first of all — andSPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen it yet — she did get sent home at the end of the episode, just like two weeks ago. And as fun as the hour was — the dunk tank! the safe-sex cheers! the straight jocks doing drag! the sweet love story between Alexis and her straight jock! (see pic) — the “bringing a queen back” thing really felt like just a gimmick to extend the season by an episode and pimp out Carmen Carrera more.
Like, after a season that was so defined by the three big girls, who truly had their own panache and style and attitudes, the judges decided to bring back the icky, never sweet Carmen? Like, no. I was hoping it’d be Delta Work. As much as you all wanted (as evidenced by the totally inaccurate poll results) and I wanted, we pretty much knew Shangela wouldn’t return. But that’s OK: She’s got other things going on anyway.
“Is your head back in the game?” Ru asked Carmen when she returned. And honestly, no it wasn’t. Alexis assigned her a straight jock that had a sick, muscly body because she knew it’d be hard for Carmen to resist putting it on display. The jock looked ridic, wearing barely anything. But even more ridiculous? When Carmen got on stage to lip sync for her life (opposite, Raja, shock of all shockers…sorta?) and stripped her panties off. Granted, production thankfully blurred her bits, but I don’t think we needed that. I was 99 percent sure there was no way that the judges were going to send Raja home (she’s been the front-runner this whole season!), but when Carmen’s bottom went, I knew it was all over for her. Good riddance. That whole lip sync situation made me even more uncomfortable than when Mimi Imfurst went insane during her pre-exit lip sync.
Really, with the whole Carmen thing, I think I wanted some justification from Michelle, Santino, and Billy: Why did you bring her back? What did she do that was so great? Why did you feel like she wasn’t quite done with Drag Race yet? I get the body thing, but personality is important in drag, too. I’m happy to listen to reasons about why she’s wonderful — I just haven’t really seen any yet.
The funniest part of the night? When the gals were teaching the straight jocks how to deal with their twig and berries while dragging. “Are we gonna have to teach these boys how to tuck?” asked Manila. The looks on those boys’ faces were priceless. There was a funny moment with Carmen, too: I know it’s the oldest one in the book, but I loved when she asked her straight jock: “Does your family know you’re straight?” Tee hee hee.
A couple other genius quotes from the evening. Margaret Cho, upon introduction: “I was raised by drag queens, like some are raised by wolves, so I know drag.” And then, when she talked about Alexis: “You are giving me Kardashian — I am keeping up with you.” And then, Ru, later, when talking about the safe-sex cheers: “Actually, I’m wearing a condom right now.” Honestly, is that even that funny? It struck me at the moment and still makes me sort of giggle right now as I typed it, but it’s really such a silly little thing to say.
Even though I don’t love her either — slash, I don’t love-love any of the queens in the final four — Manila did deserve to win. But why does no one talk about how she overdoes the Asian thing? I guess that is her signature, but like, do something else for once. We get it! You can do Asian! Wow!
Drag Racers: What’d you think of last night’s episode? Were you as disappointed as I was that they brought Carmen? Which queen would you have rather seen? Who are you rooting for in the final four?


  • Guest Judges: Margaret Cho and Sharon Osbourne

  • Returned: Carmen Carrera

  • Mini-Challenge: Dunk-A-Queen

  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Alexis Mateo

  • Main Challenge: Dress heterosexual athletes in drag

  • Challenge Winner: Manila Luzon

  • Bottom Two: Raja & Carmen Carrera

  • Lip Synch Song: "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul

  • Eliminated: Carmen Carrera (again)

  • Farewell Message: "Good bye AGAIN!! Best of luck to everyone. Turn it out & don't be a sprepper! xoxo Carmen"


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