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Friday, March 18, 2011


What’s more all-American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and drag queens??? Nothing, that’s what! In the tradition of great American treasures like Hillary Clinton and Mount Rushmore, this week RuPaul’s Drag Race stormed the beaches of drag-Normandy and got all stars and bars on us!!!!

Alexis Mateo, who ruled with her three different looks last night. (See: above.) I guess I always thought that she’s lovely, sure, but until I saw her nuttily heartfelt PSA for the troops and that dress blues drag she wore, I didn’t really get what she was all about: Heart! That sort of seems to be the thing she’s all about. And that touching story about the man she was in love with being shipped away to combat? Well, pass the hankies, gurl, cause I’m crying! Well, I was at the time. No one deserved to win last night’s challenge more than she did. In fact, somehow, the rest of the gals didn’t perform too well when it came to the PSAs. Right? It seemed like Alexis was the only one who was really having a good time. Well, of course, Yara was, too — that crazyface — but when does she do anything that’s not insane? Everything from her PSA to that traditional Puerto Rican dress she wore were, in a word: insane! “Are you resting on wacky?” the judges asked her. No doubt that she is.

The surprise of the evening: No one went home. How about that? It was a first in the history of Drag Race, according to RuPaul. In some way, it did seem like an appropriate challenge for there to be no elimination. How can you kick someone out when they were all just making patriotic PSAs about freedom for the troops? You can’t. Which is why Yara Sofia lives for another week, thankfully.
A handful of other favorite tidbits from the evening:
• When Ru announced that the winner would win a luggage set from Antler. “Antler. Yes, Antler,” she said in a deadpan voice. I don’t know why that’s funny, but it just is!
• The fact that Johnny Weir basically made out with Carmen Carerra. Like, no. Like, don’t do that. Also loved that, when announced at the Main Stage, Johnny said he was “tucked in anticipation.” I can’t wait to use that line.
• Raja’s native American look on the runway. How many ways can she blow your mind? She looked stunning.
• The always-nasty Michelle Visage’s assessment of Carmen Carerra: “She was a stinkball!”
• Died for all of Ru’s hilarious one-liners last night. In particular: “I’m so proud to be a part of the wig party.”
What’d you think, readers? Love the show? Love Ru? Love Alexis Mateo? Think Alexis Mateo should have won? Should someone have gone home instead of the save?


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