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Thursday, February 24, 2011


The study, carried out by the Kinsey Institute and published in journalAIDS Care, sampled 180 gay men in the UK and 180 in the USA. The men’s ages ranged from 18 to 74.

Most agreed that penetration qualified as “having sex”, but there were differences between the UK and the USA respondents’ to other practices.
In the UK 84.9 per cent of those surveyed agreed that oral stimulation of the genitals constituted “having sex”, compared to only 71.6 per cent of gay men in the USA.
Oral-anal stimulation was counted as “sex” by 78.4 per cent in the UK, while only 61.2 per cent in the States agreed.
Mutual use of sex toys was regarded as “having sex” by 70.9 per cent of gay Britons, against 53.4 per cent of the gay Americans surveyed.
The results of the survey are important because they can affect the estimated number of sexual partners a man may claim to have had, when discussing their sexual health with a doctor.
Kinsey researcher, Brandon Hill, the author of the report, said:
“It is important for researchers and clinicians not to assume that their definition of ‘sex’ is shared by their participant or patient, and to use behaviourally specific criteria when conducting sex-behaviour assessments, especially when assessing risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted infection transmission.” 

SOURCE: Pridelife


It is a well known fact that when you see/hear the words THUG GAY PORN, you IMMEDIATELY think of black tough and hardcore looking models with f&cking abilities {according to the porn industry} second to none! But lately, I’ve been wondering if white porn actors can take on the role of ‘thug gay porn stars?  I know most people LOVE seeing the white man being the submissive power bottom taking on the black thug’s giant gay cock, but can’t that very same submissive white bottom take on a white thug’s giant gay cock? Why does the skin color of a man determine his persona in the porn industry? Moreover, why does the THUG BLACK GAY PORN Stereotype keep perpetuating itself?

Now I know there are black people that have this is our thing and that’s their mentality, but in hind sight aren't they all ‘pretending’ in this world we call the porn industry? I find it AMAZING how some might get upset thinking about white porn ‘actors’ as thugs but have NO problems perpetuating the "black men are thugs,"’ stereotype that permeates the industry and society on a whole. I get that black porn actors are classified as potent sex gods, but does it REALLY make them more erotic when they take on the thug role?
I know it is hard to imagine a white man as the ‘thug’, but the next time you watch a video of a big dicked black ‘thug’ totally dominating a smooth ass, try to picture a white man in that role and if you can’t well…Cause if you put both a white and black man side by side with the same demeanor does his skin color determine if he gets the role or not? 


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