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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Most ‘straight’ people hate Gay people. The reason that most ‘straight’ people hate Gay people is because they are not Gay people. If you know this about ‘straight’ people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about ‘straight’ people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission is to investigate gay-only hotels for possible breaches of equality law.
The body said it needed to establish an “objective balance” after investigating Christian-run hotels which bar gay couples.
Last month, a couple who own a hotel in Cornwall were ordered to pay £3,600 to a gay couple they refused a double room to.
The EHRC says it has not received any complaints over gay-only hotels but is looking for evidence of potential discrimination.
Two gay hotel owners told the Daily Telegraph that being forced to accept straight people would damage their businesses.
John Bellamy, who runs the gay-only Hamilton Hall in Bournemouth, said that equality legislation was a “double-edged sword” and claimed that forcing gay bars and hotels to accept straight people was killing gay culture.
Mark Hurst, a gay-only guesthouse owner from Brighton, said his customers felt more comfortable in gay-only atmospheres.
The EHRC said: “As discriminatory issues concerning ‘Christian’ bed and breakfast establishments and hotels have been officially brought to our attention, and as we are testing the law in this area, there is a need for the Commission to establish an ‘objective balance’.
“We are, therefore, looking in to the matter of ‘gay-only’ hotels’/B&B establishments and the potentially discriminatory policies towards heterosexual couples that some of those ‘gay-only’ establishments may hold.”
The EHRC funded the case against Christian hotel owners Peter and Hazelmary Bull.
A judge at Bristol crown court ruled that the Bulls had directly discriminated against civil partners Martin Hall and Stephen Preddy on the grounds of their sexual orientation.
Mr and Mrs Bull argued that they barred all unmarried couples from sharing rooms but the gay couple claimed that a straight couple could pretend to be married.
The Bulls are now set to appeal the ruling, with the financial backing of the Christian Institute.


It was a celebrity free-for-all on "RuPaul's Drag Race" when the queens had to assume the position of some of our favorite stars.

Before we get to that, RuPaul played a game of "$#*! RuPaul Says." The winning queen would get a phone call. The game could only be explained as "Wheel of Fortune" on crack. In the end, Delta turned it out for a win. But how could she fully enjoy the prize with Shangela pouting in the corner, her fro, with a life of its own, all frayed and looking crazy. So, Delta gave the phone call to Shangela and all was well in RuVille for a hot second.

Next, Ru presented the main challenge. The contestants had to come up with their best celebrity impersonation. Guest judges actress and comedian Aisha Tyler and Amber Rose completed Ru's sentences and the queens in celeb drag were to match their answers. To be clear, no one was keeping score and the queens only pretended to play. It was their job to be hilarious and stay in their celebrity personas while doing so. 

Our favorite? To tell you the truth, they all lacked that extra something. If we had to choose a winner, though, we'd go with Manila as Imelda Marcos. We do have to give props to Raja for capturing some of Tyra Banks' cray. And Alexis gets honors for playing Alicia Keyes as a lesbian. And our least favorite was Mariah as Joan Crawford. She kept saying she "got this" with her Joan Crawford. After we saw her performance, we kept wondering if she even knew who Joan Crawford was.

In the runway walk, the queens were to give us their favorite look. Our favorite was Raja in Serengeti chic. She proved fashion is primal. We'd have to say that our least favorite on the runway was Alexis, which pains us because she felt really pretty in that princess dress that looked like a 5-year-old made it.

In the end, the ultimate winner was Stacey and we totally think it was a pity vote. It's like when the failing sibling gets a "C" on their report card and the whole family overdoes the praise in order to encourage him/her to continue. We don't think she popped in the challenge as Mo'nique and her runway outfit was like something our grandma would wear to bingo on New Year's. The winner should have probably been Raja, because her Tyra impersonation had some life and she worked that coconut bra on the runway.

Delta (for her Cher on valium impersonation) and Mariah (Joan on payday loan) were left to lip-sync for their lives. And we instantly knew that Delta would be sending Mariah home. Delta is an old-school queen and she knows when it's time to be a "werq-horse." Mariah is a "show pony" and we were happy to see RuPaul set her loose.

Did you think RuPaul and the judges got it right? Should Stacey have won? And should Delta have gone?



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