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Monday, August 30, 2010


On this episode of True Blood the stage for the finale has been set. There was a ton of Pam, which is like whip cream on top of Tru Blood float. (My favorite line of hers was when she called Bill an ''infatuated tween.'') But I really can't get into any of it without a big, giant SPOILER ALERT so for those who haven't watched yet, please avert your eyes. And for those of you who did watch ... WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ERIC?!?!?
Let's just get right at it: The finale with Russell and Eric handcuffed together burning in the sun was pretty amazing. Eric managed to convince Russell that drinking Sookie's fairy blood would allow Russell to walk in the daylight. Since Russell is hungry for power (and still a tad off kilter considering he's carrying around Talbot's innards like they're a clutch purse), he believed Eric and was lured out into the sun only to begin baking. Like, how can they leave us hanging for two weeks? How am I supposed to get any work done? I may have to call in sick.
And poor Sookie — I mean, how many times is she gonna allow herself to get completely screwed by Bill and/or Eric? She was left bleeding to death after being fed on by both Russell and Eric with Bill just watching helplessly. I know she loves Bill, but, like, a gal's gotta draw a line somewhere. What this show needs is a relationship counselor. Or maybe they should all just go celibate. They might want to look into that ... although it probably won't make for very good television.
My one big question: Why can't Russell just drag Eric back into Fangtasia? Does the silver weaken him that much? I don't really care because it made for such good TV, but it popped into my head. From the looks of the trailers, Bill claims that both men perish in the sun, but I refuse to believe they're killing of our beloved Mr. Northman. In any case, it gave us some lovely moments between Eric and Pam, including Eric telling her, ''You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless.''
I will say that one of my favorite scenes of this episode and maybe this entire season was with Sookie and Bill in her car before they were re-kidnapped. The pair imagined what their lives would be like if they were just an average, everday couple and not a vamp and a fairy waitress. Most hilariously, Sookie said she'd be in college but then backtracked and instead chose being a real estate agent so she could be super rich. Love it.Moving on to another couple that I love, Jessica and Hoyt had a crrrrraaaaaaazzzzzy hot love/biting scene. It was so fun to see them back together and, despite a lack of nudity, their couch love scene was one of the most erotic moments so far this season on True Blood. Still, it seems like that grace period may be ending given that Hoyt's mother basically threatened to destroy Jessica by the end of the episode (and the image of her in the finale teaser brandishing a rifle seems a tad threatening).
Continuing the couple's theme, Jesus and Lafayette came down from their V high but not before Lafayette had a hella crazy hallucination. I literally gasped when he turned around and saw Jesus as some sort of Darth Maul-esque demon. I was not prepared for that. What do we think that means? Is Jesus ACTUALLY a demon? Or is there something else lurking inside him? Or is it just the V? They're clearly paving the way for Lafayette to realize he has the ability to see things when he's on V. The sequence where his various statues came to life was kind of hilarious but also totally freaky.
Sam continued his downward spiral, getting completely plastered and screaming at the patrons of Merlotte's (one of his choice statements: ''Jesus Christ, you're ugly!''). Most heartbreaking was when he mocked Terry, who's pretty much the only level-headed person left in Bon Temps. And then he and Tara decided to revert to their old hook-up buddy agreement and do the nasty. Shortly before, Tara confessed to Andy that she knew about Eggs' death. I'm still unclear as to whether she's gonna seek revenge or just keep getting angrier and angrier.
Meanwhile, Arlene and Holly grew closer and attempted to end her pregnancy through some kind of Wiccan ritual involving tea and salt from the bar at Merlotte's. The scene went on a tad too long, but obviously Holly is going to continue to play a big role next season, which, my sources tell me, is gonna be heavy on the witches. Still, Arlene thought she lost the baby the next day, but then learned it was still alive and well. So what did she and Holly do? Is she carrying a demon baby?
The one storyline that I sorta don't care about is Crystal and Jason. She's just becoming sorta annoying and always whining to Jason about her trashy family. Although I am sort of obsessed with the kid Jason found eating a dead animal a few episodes back, which Crystal revealed is her ''double cousin Buford.'' Genius. But there was this very odd scene where Jason confronted the new star Bon Temps quarterback again and it didn't seem to have much of a point, except to establish that everyone in town is on V.
What did you think of last night's True Blood? Is Eric gonna die in the finale? Will Sookie ever forgive Bill?


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