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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


As the Easter season got on the way this February, I was asked ‘what I am giving up for Lent?’  I paused for a second and replied, ‘LENT!’ Now of course I got the side ways look and grunts that say HOW DARE I SAY SUCH A THING! My room-mate said to me earlier today that faithless folks like me need to have some faith in something. I smile because I had NO intent on writing about this season, but he stirred something in me so here we GO!

I often wonder how much longer can people continue to be the character that is neither the protagonist nor antagonist. Aren’t they tired of being JUST an extra that is unimportant to the plot with NO significant contribution to the religion (i.e. pastor/priest) they worship? Aren’t all religions just ‘knockoffs’ of what was passed down from other belief systems through the ages?  How could they not find it weird that their religious beliefs are FILLED with myths of things they have NO way of knowing if it happened or not?

As far as they are concerned, BLIND FAITH has a place in a world that has no facts or truth to discount it; and my logical view of the world is pretty much non-existent even though it makes more sense.  This season in the religious world REALLY shows how logic and faith repel each other. I suppose their having FAITH in religion basically means that they don’t claim that they know the truth, so they have faith in invisible sources that do, and it’s not for them to question. How does one live and NEVER question the ‘holy word?’ ESPECIALLY DURING THE EASTER SEASON!

Any intelligent person, free of this brain of ‘faith’ will be open to examine the facts that are presented to them and if you can’t because it would seem blasphemous then you are living with half of the truth. Those who have faith and cling to it in the face of truth are the lost souls of illusion, and face only who they are not. I believe that the
kingdom of heaven is within each of us. We are all children of God which makes us members of each other.

So those that are fearful of what I write here just merely resemble what they claim to enjoy because they ACCEPT much less than is available. I find it interesting how their suffering minds seek truth that leaves the true ‘self expressions’ buried in the dark untouched. The only ‘substance’ needed for deep and enduring truth is logic. Logic is in the air, and though you may choke on it @ first…just breath it deeper so you can have a clear awareness…A LIFE MAKE US FEAFUL OF CONSIDERING THE OTHER SIDE OF RELIGION & IT’S TRADITIONS…


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