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Sunday, February 7, 2010



What is the appropriate role of religion in matters of science? Can religion survive science? Can both science and religion close the “GOD” gap? Are religion and science compatible? Can one embrace a scientific world view and still participate fully in one of the world's religious traditions? I asked these questions today because I WHOLE heartedly believe in faith. I'm not sure science and logic can account for all things at all times. A lot of us have some trouble dealing with the randomness of reality. Sometimes stuff just happens. There's no rhyme or reason for how life is MOST time, yet we search for some reason to make things make sense and when it CANNOT be, we go to religion. I can see why this would be a NATURAL resource, but faith AND religion are entirely different things. Faith can be in anything so when we allow it to cause us to not accept what science is telling us, is it surprising that SCIENCE & RELIGION are @ war?

Some believe that science can neither prove NOR disprove the existence of a God, so does that mean that God does not work in a scientific manner? I beg to differ; if religious persons accept the concept of God, then surely they can accept that he created man and gave him knowledge to prove OR disprove his existence…right? How does one reject science after all the good it has done for us? ESPECIALLY when religion teaches that believing in the invisible is more important than understanding the perceivable. Why does personal faith trump critical thinking? 

Some try to prove the existence of God by pointing to the “PERFECTION” of the bible as a historical and prophetic document, when MOST of the stories they believe have SO many holes in them. They hold onto religious thinking that this is all a GRAND design when the sciences of biology and geology and such have provided far, far better explanations for what the GRAND design really is. Religion provides us, as individuals, with its ethical and human perspectives on civic decisions, including judgments on issues prompted by scientific discoveries. 

After all, we see that science is concrete, real and true; religion is still struggling to find to find some authenticity. I guess when it comes to down to it, the feeble minded desire an easy explanation, which religion provides; and who doesn’t LOVE the easy way out? Can these two sides ever reconcile their differences? Is there room for science in religion? Is it anti-religion to be pro-science? I didn’t intend of concluding this with more questions, but life is just one BIG question after the other. But in the final analysis it is my opinion that we abandon the intellectual ball and chain of religious belief and embrace reality, enjoy the world as it is, and let go of your desire for what it is not, religion might actually have a chance…


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