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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Can we prove/disprove the existence of anything that falls outside of our knowledge and experience? Suppose someone says that God gave them a message for you or they have information on what happens to you after you die. Because messages from God are currently unknown to science and knowing what happens when you die isn’t a common human experience, can persons that come with these messages REALLY help and/or save us?

Right before the New Year came in; I was approached by a lady that came to wish me all the best for 2010 and beyond. As I sat @ my desk watching the time wind down, I saw her approach everyone touching them on their shoulders or taking them by the hand. So when she got to me, I was like this is going to be interesting…Interesting in that I couldn’t shun her because she has been there for a LONG time , is surrounded by MANY others that are just like her and me being ONLY a temp that’s looking for a job, I couldn’t avoid her. She took my hand, told me that God told her that he is opening MANY doors for me in 2010 and that I shouldn’t worry. Now I knew she was right about that (will blog about those things later), but the thing that got me is that she started to speak in tongues and get the spirit. I was like okay, can she give me my hand back now? After she did, and went onto the next person, I noticed that she told the EXACT same thing to person next to me and the person next to her. So I thought to myself, this woman is just like one of those psychics that give everyone that general information they seek when they come in contact with them. I mean it is a new year and we all are looking for new and good things to come our way so…Moreover, the last time I checked, she and I are both flesh and God and I weren’t mad with each other so…

Now just last Sunday as I was putting the finishing touches on last week’s entry, there was a knock @ my front door. As I made my way there, the knock got even LOUDER. Now I thought okay this person REALLY needs to see someone in this house. So as I looked out my window, I noticed it was 2 ladies with tracks in their hands. I smiled because I LOVE when they come to my house! They said good day and told me that they came to share some information with me…I was like okay shoot! So she held this track that was titled WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU DIE. Now me being who I am, I asked her, “if I die after reading this track, will I find the information in it to be true?” she paused and then said well it is the same thing that’s in your bible…Well you know that tickled me because I don’t believe in the book that was written by men inspired by God. So I relayed that message to her and she and the other lady with her got a puzzled look on their faces. They being Jehovah Witnesses put them a little lower than your average Christians in my book…I mean she couldn’t even say YES I AM SURE THIS DETAILS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU DIE! So if that’s the case, how can she base her knowledge on the bible if she cannot be sure of what’s inside its pages?

These women ONLY further my belief that the existence of THEIR GOD can be disproved, unless they are omniscient across all dimensions of possible existence…and CLEARLY, they are NOT omniscient. Therefore, their claims of messages and information don’t sway me @ all. They ONLY further my belief that religion is uniquely armored against anything that might stop it from SAVING you and me. I’ve written MANY times that religion is not only mistaken, but does more harm than good; and situations like this is why I feel this way.

I can hear the chorus already. "But not all religion is like that! Not all that say they come in God’s name should be placed in that category! But if the proof is emphatically NOT in the pudding, what should I think? Since they come with intent that religion is armored against criticism, questioning, and self- correction, can they lead me to a place they are not that sure of?

I could accept them coming to me with invisible beings and inaudible voices, but knowing these folks like I do, I know that their proof is coming form prophets and religious leaders, who supposedly hear these voices and are happy to tell them what to say. I know MANY would say that letting go of religious doubts is a liberating act of love. They would further tell me that the idea that religion operates in a different realm from the everyday world, and it's unfair to hold it to normal standards of evidence. But I would rather be rude AND intolerant if that means they can’t save me because they don’t have that power NO MATTER HOW THEY BELIEVE THEY DO!


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