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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Realistically, the future is anything but bright. Today, a small minority of people in the modern world has achieved a kind of paradise; and realizing that NOTHING in our world is perfect while this planet continues to spin in the universe; can someone tell me where does one draw the line between direct adaptation, random drift and serendipity (unintended consequences)? Since so much of our lives is based on OUR need for perfection AND control, can we ever be masters of the world? Whether we realize it or not, we're actually on EQUAL footing with everything else in this universe (i.e., there's no such thing as “inferior” OR “superior”). Human existence has no more cosmic significance than, well, anything else. In that sense, everything's the same, and nothing's really “meant to be”. Therefore, life does NOT require any explanation because we already know why it is, we just have to make PERFECT sense in a perverse sort of way that life will NEVER make PERFECT sense. We don’t have to puzzle ourselves about why a father may kill his wife and his children before killing himself. Nor do we have to devise reasons for or find meaning in a million other oddities that exist on this planet. Why can’t we seem to understand that LIFE AS IT IS, won’t ever give us the answers to the whys as long as we perpetuate the ills of this world?  I know it may seem like a cynical thing to say, but why not ask why NOT instead? Isn’t the joke on us really?  I'm well aware that this is a form of nihilism, but maybe its time has come. Aren’t we really worried MOSTLY about the seven or eight decades of life we have @ most? How many of us REALLY care about what happens to each other when an eternity of oblivion is our one true destiny? Since there’s NO afterlife, and death is followed by eternal oblivion, then what's so bad about the way this world is? We all stand on our soap boxes and judge each other based on what criteria? Spewing shit like ONLY the WEAK commit suicide, but maybe, just maybe the truly smart people are the ones who just kill themselves and get it over with. Why should people struggle and suffer when they can have quiet oblivion instead…it isn’t like we REALLY care to help them…right? I once saw a book in a bookstore that describes life as an entropic (increasingly disordered) process. This made me see the basic fundamental unfairness of life and why there's NO REAL “justice” in the universe. Why no one gets what they “deserve”…things just happen to both good and bad people alike. Yet we can’t seem to shake this belief that life should be fair; or that we have a destiny of some sort or that there should be some guarantees. Who can really embrace the notion that life isn't quite a random accident, but that for all practical purposes, it might as well have been? Who wants to believe that all of us can die @ any time and that anything) can happen? Who wants to believe that @ any time, a new plague or a meteorite from outer space could wipe out humanity; and that it could happen as meaninglessly as an anthill being stepped on by someone walking aimlessly down a road? Is it any wonder that we belief in UFOs, celebrity worship, gambling, alcohol, drugs or all of the other hundred forms of escapism out there? Doesn’t life feel arbitrary and deranged? Doesn’t it feel as if our lives and everything else that goes on in this universe are just the universe's way of killing time? So isn’t time that we realize that the REAL challenge of life won't be in building the infrastructures of the Information Superhighway like SO many of us believe. But it will be in us caring enough to provide food and drinking water for everyone on this planet. When are we REALLY going to deal with environmental ruin, unemployment, AIDS and the like? When are we simply going to deal with life? How about we start by taking the plastic covers off the couch and sit in it for a change? You know break out the china that we’ve been saving for years on end? IT IS TIME THAT WE ASK OURSELVES, DO WE WANT TO LIVE WHILE WE ALIVE OR ARE WE TOO FIT FOR OUR OWN GOOD?  


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