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Monday, August 24, 2009


On Sunday's episode of TRUE BLOOD, Sookie, Jason and Bill returned from Dallas to find that Maryann and her followers have wreaked havoc in Bon Temps. Sam, Andy and Jason attempted to derail the masses from their ultimate goal, while Lettie Mae, Sookie, Bill and Lafayette attempted to break through to the real Tara. In the end, Bill needed to appeal to a higher power.
  • Sookie and Eric are making out again, which means it's time for another gotcha dream sequence. Wake up, Sookie! She and Jason (and Bill, in the vampire-airline travel coffin) are back in Bon Temps, where chaos reigns. There's graffiti on the signs, trash littering the streets and a random assortment of mischief-makers on the streets, including a pair of black-eyed zombies who walk right in front of the Stackhouses' van. What is going on here? "We've gotta find Sam," says one. "It's almost time, man," says the other. 

  •  Time for a giant statue made of meat and vegetables and flowers perhaps? Let's hope so, because that's what Maryann is constructing in Sookie's front yard, Burning Man by way of the local Whole Foods. Sam knows that all this means that Maryann is a maenad, an immortal creature who wants to cut out his heart while a bunch of naked people watch, all for Dionysus or Satan or whatever. 

  • Maxine Fortenberry is possessed, so Hoyt and Jessica are keeping her under lock and key at Compton Manor. Tensions are running high, and Jessica gets all excited and ends up biting her annoying would-be mother-in-law. Oopsie.

  • The pair debriefs Sookie, Jason and Bill on the recent goings-on ("There's a new waitress at Merlotte's?" Jason asks hopefully), which leads Jason to the conclusion that his mercenary training at the Fellowship of the Sun was not a total loss: "This here is the war I've been training for," he says.

  • Sam gets a call from Arlene at Merlotte's, and since he's kind of an idiot, he trusts her, even though it's completely obvious that it's a trap. Without much of a plan, Sam and Andy are completely outnumbered and end up locking themselves in the restaurant's walk-in freezer. "You've been real good to this town, even if you are a sometime nudist," Andy tells Sam, trying to see the bright side of their predicament. We also learn that Andy once had a nanny named Annie and, apropos of nothing, he says, "In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." It's clear that Andy has vision, but for what? 

  • Outside, everyone's drinking and drugging and having sex with abandon when Jason barges in, commando-style, with a chainsaw in tow. The revelers just laugh at him (as do I), practically ignoring him, even after he cuts the stereo in half. For some reason, Terry is the de facto leader of the black-eyed zombies, and he suddenly gets the crowd to disperse. During this time, Sam and Andy emerge from the walk-in, just in time for the mob to break in again. Since Sam is just as sick of this repetition as the audience is, he sacrifices himself to the crowd. 

  • Outside Merlotte's, Jason — wearing a gas mask and shooting off emergency flares — tells the delusional crowd that he's God, and demands a sacrifice: Sam. His trick works. To complete the illusion, Sam shape-shifts just at the moment that Jason-as-God "smites" him, leaving the zombies in stunned silence. 

  • "This has got to be the worst motherf---ing intervention in history," says Lafayette. Indeed, nothing he and Lettie Mae are doing helps free Tara from her demons, but did you notice how Lettie Mae's prayers appear to calm her? "He's coming, he's on his way, and he's going to kill us all," Tara announces gleefully between creepy Greek chants. 

  • Sookie and Bill tag-team glamour/mindread Tara, but it's to no avail. Her brain is all dark; none of the real Tara remains. But Sookie does get a glimpse at what Tara has been through and figures out that Maryann is behind it all. 

  • Which brings them to Sookie's house, where Maryann has set up camp. They see the meat statue out front, and inside, it's like a tree has grown into the house as there are gnarled branches and leaves covering all the interior surfaces. Maryann, naturally, isn't giving up her home base without a fight, so when Sookie confronts her, she just goes ahead and chokes her. Bill intervenes, baring Maryann's neck and biting her. But her blood makes him sick (also, Maryann is kind of into it), so he's useless. "What are you?" Maryann asks, as she lunges for Sookie's throat again. This time, though, Sookie throws up her hands in defense, and this odd glow emanates from her fingers and appears to stun Maryann momentarily. What is Sookie indeed? 

  • A few episodes back during the "Hard-Hearted Hannah" flashback, we saw Bill reading about ancient creatures, so he's got an idea how they can stop Maryann, but he'll need some help. So he's off to see The Queen of Louisiana (Evan Rachel Wood). We don't see her in this episode, just the bleeding leg of her apparent prey, but we know she'll be on the scene next week!

What did you think of "New World in My View"? Is Maryann's plan coming together in a fulfilling way for you? Looking forward to seeing Evan Rachel Wood?


Vogue Evolution’s Kung fu's animalistic movements mixed with freestyling Vogue-ers -- it seemed a good match, but combining the feminine with a masculine fighting style was a challenge.  It ended up being cute, but kung fu is not supposed to be cute.  JC, after he could regain his voice, said their moves looked like "a scratching post" and that they were sloppy in sections.  Shane, still on his roll, said he didn't "like it at all." So these guys and girl need to step up their game…


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