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Monday, August 10, 2009


On this week's TRUE BLOOD, Godric intervenes in much-teased vampire-human confrontations that go down at the Fellowship of the Sun, and then, at the vampire nest in Dallas. Hoyt and Jessica continue their unique courtship. Sam is wrongly accused of killing Daphne, and Maryann cooks up a "hunter's soufflΓ©" for Eggs and Tara..

JASON & SARAH: I hope that these two get some more time together, but it's clear that Sarah is a woman scorned, betrayed by what she sees as Jason's undercover-vampire-sympathizer routine. "You Stackhouses, you're nothing but heartless, two-faced vampire fuckers," she says, like a grouchy child. So I hope these two somewhat of a happy ending…

@ THE HOTEL: Bill saves Barry from Lorena's fangs and drops a plasma TV on her, facilitating his escape. He then has an awesome paternal moment: He walks in on Jessica and Hoyt having sex ("those were screams of pleasure," Hoyt stammers), but there's no time for vampire birds-and-bees talks, as Hoyt has to drive Jessica back to Bon Temps before sunrise. And Bill's off to save Sookie!

ERIC & GODRIC: Eric arrives to save Godric, but oddly, he doesn't seem to want to leave. "I'm here, my child," Godric says, in a perverse demonstration of the maker relationship. But Godric sends Eric and Sookie away, and instructs Eric to spill no blood on the way out.

There's a nice moment here where the ever-inquisitive Sookie wants to know more about Eric's relationship with his maker. "Don't use words you know nothing about," he tells her. When Sookie says that he loves Godric, he says, "Don't use words I know nothing about."

THE SHOWDOWN: Eric and Sookie are cornered in the sanctuary by Rev. Newlin and his follower who decide that Eric will make a fine last-minute substitution for Godric for their "holy bonfire at dawn." He's strapped down to the altar with some silver, and just as things are about to get interesting...

Bill barges in to save Sookie, and just as he's about to be fitted with his own shiny new silver accessories...Jason appears, doing his best Rambo impression, pistol-whipping a minion and making his way into the sanctuary. You can tell that Alan Ball is having some fun with Jason's character…I know I am…Jason paint-balls the Rev, leaving him with a comical green inkblot in the middle of his forehead. But just as Jason is about to save the day...

Stan and a hilariously ruffian bunch of Dallas' cowboy vampires show up. But then just as the feasting is about to begin...Godric materializes on the altar, dressed all in white, with a message of tolerance. He encourages the two groups to co-exist peacefully, to refrain from violence. "Good people, who of you are willing to die for this man's madness?" The sheepish masses disband, and order is restored.

But before we go, the Rev. attempts to sway and/or curse Jason by telling him he'll never go to heaven if he allies himself with the vampires. "I reckon I've already been to heaven; I've been inside your wife," he says. MAJOR BURN!

SAM: Sam's on the run from Maryann after his narrow escape from her Friday-night orgy/sacrifice shindig. Asleep in his truck with a gun at his side, he gets a call from Merlotte's, but it's a hang-up. He heads back to the bar to investigate, just in time to see a dead Daphne in the walk-in freezer with her heart carved out. He starts packing her in garbage bags, lest he be implicated in the crime, stops and decides to call the cops.

But no matter! Someone has saved him the trouble, as they've received an anonymous tip and are just outside. As Kenya and Bud question Sam about his relationship with Daphne, Andy Bellefleur arrives to proclaim Sam's innocence. As character witnesses go, Andy is looking a little rough around the edges, reliability-wise, as he's just come from the orgy he witnessed. Who does he think committed the murder? "A bull... with claws... in a dress... with claws..." he slurs, and Kenya and Bud share an eye-roll and cart Sam's ass off to jail. There, he finds the orgy participants, who have all been arrested in various states of undress, Mike for "sodomy of a pine tree." Poor Mike, he has scratches all over his pecker!

TARA, EGGS, LAFAYETTE & MARYANN: Not enough screen time for Lafayette this week, but he does read some tarot cards for Tara and he's not happy with the results: The Lover and then Justice. As if on cue, Eggs arrives and is concerned that he's blacking out again. Tara takes him back to Sookie's, where Maryann has busied herself sauteΓ©ing slices of Daphne's heart.

Tara and Eggs sit down to try to figure out why everyone is losing time, but Maryann distracts them with the fruits of her labor: a "hunter's soufflΓ©," which bleeds as Tara cuts into it. Maryann lies and says it's rabbit, so Tara and Eggs dig in heartily. It kind of gives them the giggles, and in short order we see that to Maryann, tenderness and violence are the same. "I hate your guts," Tara tells Eggs, and punches him. And of course those enlarged, blacked-out pupils showed up and the fun began…

HOYT & JESSICA: They came back to Compton Manor, eager to have sex again. Now that they've gotten the mechanics of first-time sex out of the way, they commence making sweet, sweet vampire love. But there's a catch. Since vampires have the ability to heal, as Jessica puts it, "it grew back." Poor Jessica – her vampire curse includes the sad news that she will be a virgin forever. "Every time it'll be like our first time," offers the sweet Hoyt. "It'll hurt like hell," the not-sweet Jessica counters.

BACK IN DALLAS: Godric is holding court in very mod seating, and various figures are shuffling through a receiving line of sorts. First up, Stan apologizes for being the bloodthirsty rhinestone cowboy that he is. Then Jason and Godric have a moment in which they thank each other for their efforts at the Fellowship of the Sun. Then Godric pardons Hugo for his betrayal, but banishes him from his territory instead of killing him, because Isabel admits that she still loves him.

But before everyone join hands and start singing "We Are the World," Eric pulls Jason aside to tell him that he knows he used to be a V addict, but says maybe now they're even. This prompts Jason to pull Bill aside to tell him... what exactly? That he's OK with his sister dating him? And the scene ends with Jason throwing his arms around Bill and asking, "Is this OK?" "It's fine," Bill growls.

Bill tells Sookie that he was held captive by Lorena, his maker. As if on cue, she slinks into the party wearing one of those red dresses. She confronts Sookie – "you're no more than a bloodbag," which is vampire for "bitch, please" – and Bill is all like: "Now ladies, let's not get out of hand," but his impotence in the situation is obvious.

Apparently, Godric is one male who doesn't like a good catfight, because he breaks it up and banishes Lorena from his territory as well. Bill walks her out as she cries blood and wonders how she became the person she is. She asks hopefully when they'll see each other again. Bill's terse reply: "Never."

Godric and Eric speak privately, as Eric has arranged a rare, AB-negative human on which he can feed. But Godric has switched spiritual role models and has now become Gandhi-with-fangs, insisting he's not hungry. His confrontation with Lorena has put a finer point on what he was trying to say earlier at the church. "Let's be honest; we are frightening," he says, claiming that after thousands of years of evolution, vampires have just become more brutal, more predatory. "I could have killed every last one of them within minutes, but then what would that have proved?" he asks. The foreshadowing question hangs in the air significantly as a mysterious stranger makes his way into the party.

It's dumb Luke with a silver-laced dirty bomb strapped to his chest. Just as he presses the bomb's ignition, the episode fades to black and we have to wait for next week’s episode to find out what happens.

So what did you think of "Timebomb"? Are you still wondering what Maryann's endgame is? Assuming that Luke doesn't wipe out the entire cast, are you eager to see how the Dallas storyline ties back into what's going on back in Bon Temps? Did you find Jessica's "forever a virgin" predicament sad or cute?



August 7, 2009

Dear Mr. Carey:

We regret to inform you that after carefully consideration Gibraltar Global Securities, Inc. has chosen to terminate your services effective August 7, 2009. Since you have not completed your three month probation period, your termination is without severance pay. Enclosed is check number 353 in the amount of $483.00 for services rendered for the week ending August 7, 2009.

Please be advised the decision to terminate your services is based on our present need for an employee with a solid financial services background to perform the daily correspondent reconciliations. This is a very critical time in our business and due the expected increase in trading activity volume it is in the best interest of the company to employ an individual with a strong skill set to weather the challenges ahead.

We wish you the best with all your future endeavors.


So the above letter came to on the last day of my 3rd week on new job. I knew that things weren’t things from week one, but I wanted to give it my all and really work on keeping my job. I guess good intensions don’t mean a thing because when you need others to give you a thumb’s up OR down, that can leave a man like me in a strange situation…So let’s start from the beginning…

WEEK 1 – I got there about 20 minutes before everyone else and waited outside for someone to open the door which happened @ about 10 minutes later than it should, but I am not the time keeper so…Anyways I met my manager again she was kinda pleasant and in a rush. So when we got settled in @ 11:30 I was given the work that I was hired for…Now that didn’t bother me even though I am used to the first day being about introductions and what not…So I did the reports which had a few errors that made her none too please and I quickly realized that I was working with someone that had NO idea how to manage and train others. So as she pointed out my errors like I’ve been working there for years, I just sat there and took it all in…after all I am there to learn. So when 5:00 rolled in I was happy and left. The next day she had all cylinders blasting and I didn’t know what to say to her and her many questions, I mean I don’t even remember where the bathroom is so how can I tell her what a trader did on the job the day before? That was my FIRST day of working late and I got home about 7:45. I was tired as hell, but I saw the challenges as something I could conquer. So on my 3rd day I went to her and said, “I know you are frustrated with me, but…” and before I could complete my sentence she cut me off and said, “let’s see what happens by Friday.” Now I am puzzled and I am thinking what the hell does that mean? I called Noel and spoke to him about it and he told me not over think things because I would just burrow trouble. So I didn’t even though it NEVER left my mind. So by the 4th day I was doing much better (@ least in my mind) though I was still leaving work late, not taking lunch and taking work home with me…So by Friday she had mentioned that she was working that Sunday and I volunteered to come in as well to learn more about the company, she didn’t seem pleased, but I came despite her and things were good…so I could breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to week 2…

WEEK 2 – Monday went by and even though I stayed behind a bit and missed lunch, I still got a chance to complete my work and got my FIRST compliment from her which TOTALLY shocked me. And it was @ that time she said to me that “please note that I don’t HATE you or have a problem with you, but I just get frustrated when someone makes an error no matter how small it is” I was like a deer caught in the headlights because NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think that she hated me…And it is when those words came to me that I realized I had a problem and that my thoughts about the comment she made to me the week before had some validity to it. So after work I spoke with Noel and told him what she said, he finally saw what I saw so I spoke with my old boss and both she and Noel told me to talk to my boss about the situation. I didn’t want to because I felt that would cause more harm than good, and normally I would let things take the direction it wanted, but I REALLY wanted this job. So after careful consideration and the mere fact that I faced this type of behavior before I decided that I can’t allow others to hurt me in this way anymore. So I spoke with the boss…He listened and was VERY attentive, he told me that he knows that I haven’t done this type of accounting before, but he feels that everyone deserves a chance and Rome wasn’t built in a day. After our talk he shook my hand and said, “if she comes to me with anything and this being your first week, I will block it” he also said, “if there’s anything you think we need to make things move along faster or make the working environment better let me and I will look into it.” So we shook hands and I went back to my desk…About 30 minutes later she came to me and let me know that she spoke with the boss and she felt that I was two-faced. She felt that I did it hoping that he didn’t say anything to her, but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was that I was concerned about my job and me being judged based on 1 week’s performance when I have a 3 month’s probation so I can learn all I need to learn about the company and how it works. She said that I could talk to her and I know that isn’t true because she shoots me down before I could get a word in and she said that they offered me 3 months and I will get it. She also said that if things weren’t working out she would have told me before hand because he is that kind of person. But when I told her what she said to me about not hating me and the other stuff I was like well your attitude towards me didn’t make things easier and you were judging me base on one week…She couldn’t defend herself and she didn’t even try, she just told me to “relax” and I did which took that huge ass monkey off my back. And as I sat @ my desk, I realized that I was judging her as well, but I didn’t feel like I had a choice…Moreover, I felt SO horrible when she said that “I see your efforts and I like things like that”…Even though I sensed she was plotting my down fall from that moment, I hoped for the best…So the rest of the week went by okay and I left @ a reasonable time and my work was done and completed and I got more compliments…So that Friday I decided that I was coming to work that Monday which was a holiday here and get a jump start on things…I over heard her saying she was coming in so I thought it would have been nice to surprise her…SO MUCH FOR THAT! Because she NEVER showed up…

WEEK 3 – So the next day I asked her about the work and stuff she told me she did it herself I was puzzled because I did it as well…So I said to her, “guess it was a waste of time coming in then?” She said, “NO ONE ASKED YOU TO COME INTO WORK” I was like okay cool, I only did it because I know the traders work on holidays and that would mean that I would have 2 days of work to complete. She didn’t respond and that was that. However I did find it interesting how pleased she was to hear that another co-worker of mine came to work during the holiday. I was like WOW, but it didn’t surprise me @ all. My other co-worker came to me that afternoon saying that she heard I worked over the holiday she was like WOW! I asked her how she knew she said your boss told me and she also told her that she felt bad that I came to work when she did it herself on the weekend @ home. My thoughts were she couldn’t tell me that herself? She was STILL NOT communicating with me like that and I left it alone, I didn’t tell anyone about it, because I didn’t want to seem like I was complaining…AGAIN! So I did my work gave the results she wanted and I thought things were fine because she even complimented and all that good stuff. So when Friday came and she got back from lunch I noticed her typing the above letter to me I was like huh? I told myself that I wasn’t going to fight it and I will accept her decision. So from 4:30 until quitting time, I just cleaned up my pc and prepared myself for my letter. And as I sat there watching the clock I started wondering if something is wrong with me because here I am again going to be unemployed. I went through the things that were said to me by her and my boss and I soon realized that they weren’t honest. They told me things to silence me and that guy I saw her meeting with earlier in the week was there to take my job. My boss even stopped acknowledging me so I knew something was off, just didn’t what it was…But all in all I can’t say that I am surprised, I saw this coming from a mile away. Makes me wonder if I gave this life OR…? I wonder if she gave my boss an ultimatum either it is him or me? I wonder if my talking to boss cost me my job? I wonder if she felt that threatened by me? I wonder if they wanted to change their minds from the beginning when they kept changing their minds about my start date? I wonder…Anyways no matter now I guess because I am gonna hit the ground running and get back out there…The good thing is that I know I am not where I was before I started this job and this won’t stand in my way…The horoscope below AFFIRMS THAT FOR ME…

August 8, 2009 – Affirmations For The Future: Taurus Daily Horoscope
Today you may notice a sense of anxiety arise when you think about the future, which could be due to your uncertainty about the outcome of your expectations. While concern about your plans is healthy, you might want to keep your worry in check. Should you begin to feel apprehension about your future, you could consider using affirmations, short sentences or phrases you repeat to yourself, to help you cope with your fear. You might remind yourself, for example, that nothing in life is certain or that even though things may not turn out the way you expect them to, they always work out for the best. Creating short phrases to keep these points in mind can enable your mind to focus today on the positive aspects of the future rather than on your anxiety. You could find that this gives you more confidence about things yet to come.

Affirmations are effective mental tools we can use when we feel concerned about issues that arise in our lives. They keep us grounded in the present moment by allowing us to concentrate on what is happening in the present rather than projecting into the future and prevent us from spending too much time worrying about things over which we have no control. Instead, these tools help us monitor the only thing over which we have true control—our minds. By using affirmations today, your thoughts about the future will remain in the present and will give you greater peace of mind.


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