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Monday, August 3, 2009


Entitled “Release Me,” the episode found each of the main characters looking for some sort of escape. And though the plot didn’t progress much during last night’s episode of “True Blood” (last week, Sookie was in danger, locked away in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun’s basement, while this week…Sookie was in danger, locked away in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun’s basement), we finally got some explanations as to what’s up with Maryann, caught a glimpse of the fabled Godric and are prepped for a holy war.

SAM & MARYANN: Sam, who was headed towards the pointy end of a knife when we last saw him, managed to escape from Maryann’s latest orgy, thanks to the intervening help of a “piiiiiiiig!”-obsessed Andy. He later contemplates giving himself up to Maryann who considers him “the one who got away” since he escaped her clutches as a teen.

ANDY: Andy unwittingly helps Sam in his escape, is still seen as the town’s idiot, forever warning the authorities about Maryann’s ability to turn people into saucer-eyed zombies, but never getting anyone to believe him. The man simply can’t catch a break unless, of course, it’s in the arm; during the orgy, his cousin Terry snaps his arm in two.

MARYANN: The truth is out: She’s a maenad, or follower of the god Dionysus (whom the show equates to Satan, which is not exactly true, but I can live with that. After Sam escapes from her clutches, she takes her fury out on a poor bunny, plus Daphne, whom she has a possessed Eggs stab with a wooden stake-like object (the weapon that extracted Mrs. Jeannette’s heart in the season premiere, perhaps?).

SOOKIE & HUGO: Still trapped in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun’s church, Sookie and Hugo who’s revealed to be the traitor are thrashed around by Steve’s henchman Gabe, who attempts to rape Sookie in retaliation for being beaten down by her brother Jason. She’s saved at the last minute, not by Eric, who presumably whooshes to her aid after internally hearing her cries for help, but by the much-discussed but never-seen Godric, looking not at all like an unwilling prisoner.

JASON: Mr. Sex on a stick shoots himself in the foot by hooking up with Sarah Newlin, who immediately wants to tell her husband about being in love in Jason which doesn’t seem like such a hot idea given that all three are supposed to be trapped in the church with an arsenal of guns during the upcoming “lock in.” Her love becomes hate after her husband tells her that Jason is a spy, however, and she fires…a bullet? a paintball pellet?...into his chest.

BILL: He is still being held captive by his maker, Lorena which means we get a bunch more flashbacks. And we saw how bill came to be on his own and always saw what happens when a vampire stays up pass their bedtime…both bill and his maker had the bleeding thing going on…

JESSICA & HOYT: This cute couple realize they need to escape from their status as virgins, so while Jessica slept Hoyt filled the room with rose petals and candles, and of course, Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” playing the background. Things are progressing so sweetly for these two, I get a bad feeling something truly horrific is coming their way though…



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