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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Author William Hopper describes his work as "an examination of the lust, greed, murder, and sheer stupidity that have contributed to the history of the world’s religions."

By tracing each faith from its inception to modern day, Hopper's book is a rare combination of exhaustive research and flat-out hilarity. “I tend to stomp where angels fear to tread” Hopper explains.

And stomp he does. From Moses to Mohammed, Buddha to Baha’u’llah, The Heathen’s Guide spares no faith from Hopper’s acerbic examination of their history, tenets, and origins.

“I genuinely believed in religion at one time.” Hopper explains. “Then I did the one thing that religions hate: I educated myself. I studied World Religions at university, and that pretty much killed any faith I had. I soon discovered that there was far more documentation and history out there than is taught from the pulpit.”

Asked why he chose humor as a vehicle for the information in The Heathen’s Guide, Hopper explained: “When you tear away the sanctity and look at who really did what, you either laugh or buy a high powered rifle. As a religious studies student, I couldn’t afford a rifle.”

The Heathen’s Guide is now in its seventh edition, and has had a cult following for over a decade. Now, however, the book is finding mainstream success, even acclaim. When asked about the newfound popularity of the title, Hopper explains that he always has always believed that The Heathen’s Guide would do well.

“When I was sixteen and a good Roman Catholic, I was taken to meet Mother Teresa. The priest introduced us, and she took my hand, looked me in the eye. A second later she told her aides to get rid of me. I was summarily dismissed and escorted away from her with no explanation. It was then that I first realized that I might be onto something.”

Press kits and review copies are now available for the seventh edition of this very popular title. To get a copy or to arrange and interview with the author, simply e-mail  or visit for more information.



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