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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, June 7, 2009


HIM: omg
HIM: what a HOT PIC
ME: lol
HIM: oooooooomg
ME: so wot's yr fetish?
HIM: scents
HIM: can be like a turn on can be like a turn on
ME: yep
HIM: u?
HIM: what’s yours?
ME: but on my hubby I LOVE his nipples
HIM: u have a hubby
HIM: lol
ME: yeah
ME: I do
HIM: say ya hubby
HIM: lol
ME: yep
ME: just a matter of us making it official
HIM: huh
HIM: u wanna get married
ME: wanna?
HIM: ?
ME: nah we beyond that stage
HIM: what do you mean?
ME: we are going to get married
HIM: beyond that stage
HIM: u wanna go be 4 God
HIM: with this love
ME: mos def
HIM: omg
ME: wot?
HIM: huh
ME: why the omg?
HIM: I mean you can do ya thing
ME: so u against two men doing their thing?
HIM: no not really
ME: not really
ME: means somewhat…
HIM: but when it comes down 2 the bible
HIM: and the teachings of God?
ME: the bible is the teaching of God?
ME: or man?
HIM: u know some things are wrong
ME: if you feel that homosexuality is wrong that’s understandable but I don’t
HIM: yeah it is wrong
ME: well don’t do it
ME: r u a practicing homosexual?
HIM: yeah I know what I’m doing is wrong
ME: okay
ME: sorry to hear that you are doing it wrong
HIM: but I know how far to take it
ME: okay
HIM: okay
ME: yep…

So the chat session I had on msn the other day is the focus of my blog entry today and as you can see it started out okay, but after a while I couldn’t participate anymore. You see anyone that knows me, knows that I have HUGE problem with the book we call the bible. Most people tell me that I can’t say that it isn’t real OR authentic and tell them that they can’t tell that it is…And often there is a huge debate on THE GREAT BOOK OF FAIRY TALES, but that day I didn’t care to shine a light for him to see and I am NOT in the business of defeating an IGNORANT man with an argument. SO HERE I GO…My BIGGEST problem with the bible is that if it was reportedly written by men inspired by God, did such inspiration stop 2000 years ago? If so, the human race must certainly be doomed…right? So while men such him consciously pursue their spiritual development, how can they say something they have NO prior knowledge of can AND should dictate our lives here on this planet? WAIT, I GET IT, they walk by in SHAME that assures them that the book (a.k.a. the bible) is right…But from what I see, the GREAT book doesn’t sponsor conscious living and it only causes us to take on the baggage of ORGANIZED religion. Hence I find it IGNORANT for a man to walk a life in GAY shoes ONLY to come out saying that his life is a lie because the book says it wrong…Talk about how IGNORANCE isn’t bliss anymore, it is OBLIVION! I find that men like him will CONSTANTLY find themselves on their knees sucking some man’s dick AND seeking forgiveness for going against the GREAT book. How much longer are we going to play the idiocy AND hypocrisy game? The idiocy route allows us to WILLINGLY swallow all of the contrived, man-made drivel that’s fed to us, while we put our trust in someone who thinks they know what they’re talking about. Eat your dogmaSUCH A DAMN GOOD BOY AIN’T HE? I suppose I should have congratulated him, after all he is a believer who will be saved, enlightened AND greeted with TREMENDOUS fanfare when HE dies…Unless the GREAT book turns out to not to be true. Nah…if the man in the robe says it’s true, it MUST be true…right? Talk about hypocrisy…NOT only doesn’t he believe in the GOOD BOOK, he continues to indulge his dick N’ ass whenever possible. Surely he doesn’t swallow that the bull with his mouth full of joy juice right? He sees my actions as wrong because I make them real as he stays in the rabbit hole. Such a shame to be raised to HATE yourself while carrying around beliefs that were forced into you from the day you were born. Though I understand, that is NO excuse…I’ve outgrown my baby stage a while ago AND isn’t it time men AND women outgrow our baby religion? To have this casual pursuit, while still feed on breast milk because you figure it’s good enough to get you a free ride into a half-decent afterlife is just plain IGNORANT! What gives someone like him the right to try and take away the happiness I want for myself? Do you think he’ll ever see his delusion? Does it even matter? SHIT! IF A MAN HAS TO THROW OUT SO MUCH OF HIMSELF TO MAKE HIS CHOSEN BELIEF SYSTEM PALATABLE, HE HAS SO MUCH TO REPENT FOR…I SUPPOSE I SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM TO FREE HIMSELF FROM THE MENTAL BAGGAGE, STOP LOOKING TO A BOOK FOR PERMISSION TO LIVE & START THINKING ON HIS OWN, BUT I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE GOOD BOOK & IT IS NOT MY JOB TO TELL OTHERS HOW THEY SHOULD LIVE…SO I TAKE SOLACE IN THE FACT THAT IF HIS GOD EXISTS, HE’S SMART ENOUGH TO SEE THROUGH HIS FAKE ID…PEOPLE LIKE HIM WILL NEVER LOWER MY CONSCIOUSNESS BECAUSE THEIR TRIP DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE SEEMS LIKE A PERMANENT ONE…


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