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Monday, April 20, 2009


So on April 8th 2009 I received the following email in reference to the employment prospect that was presented to me…Kishna: I am securing how these arrangement are to be made but I wanted to check your availability to fly into Philadelphia International Airport on Tuesday, April 14th for an early afternoon meeting with SweRaCom?  Is this possible? Of course you know that I took this chance and I was in Philly last week Monday for this interview. Noel accompanied me on this trip which marked for first time flying together. I would have to say this was one for the record books…
  1. When we got to the airport we had to change airlines because the current one we booked our flights on were running an hour and thirty minutes late and that mean we would be able to catch our connecting flight to Philadelphia.

  2. After sorting that out, we checked security and @ the screening process we found out that our liquids (cologne, mouth wash, eye drops etc.) had to placed in a baggie for safe keeping and they could NOT be taken on the plane with us.

  3. So I had to run back take them to be checked in and return to the security screening.

  4. It was then I discovered that I misplaced my ticket and the screening officer had to get me a new one.

  5. After that got sorted out, we had to wait on the line for @ least thirty minutes to clear US Customs

  6. After that we had to clear another screening process which had us taking off our shoes (the first screening didn’t ask for that) and I thoughts of YES, we didn’t have to through that process was met with a NO I was wrong.

  7. Now dealing with others for what seemed like forever, I had to get something to eat.

  8. So we went to a place called the CafΓ© In The Clouds which was a mistake…not only did the food tasted horrible, it was expensive as hell.


  10. After about an hour or so we were called for our plane and on my way there I was pulled over for a random search to which Noel and I thought was racial profiling because we were the only two blacks on the plane and we were stopped…guess we are the only ones that do illegal stuff…BUT HEY I FORGAVE ALL THAT STUFF BECAUSE I WAS ON MY WAY TO MEET MY DESTINY IN PHILLY!

    Now Philly was the better part of the trip (I suppose I was in better spirits), but this is where things let me know that when you make plans, God always have a say in how things take place. I TRUSTED my life’s rhythm to this point and I wasn’t about to start doubting it now. Being in control led me to feel as if I can take care of everything myself…I had a false sense of security for many years living in the Bahamas that kept the natural process of things @ bay…And by me letting go a few months back, I opened myself to the wonder this trip had to offer…Only I didn’t know how things weren’t going according to my plan…
    1. After the two hour direct flight to Philly we had the task of find our bag which took a minute or twenty.

    2. We were greeted by the VERY cold weather that was waiting for us, which wasn’t that bad because we prepped for it.

    3. Called the hotel and waited for the shuttle.

    4. Got to the Aloft Hotel which was LOVELY and the front desk lady was like so you are Mr. Kishna Carey, please give Ms. Carolyn a call (she is the lady that found my resume on career builder).

    5. So getting to our room, we decided that we need something to eat because it was late afternoon and the tummy needed attention

    6. To the front desk I went and the lady told me that some gentleman was asking for me saying, THAT HE WANTED TO KNOW IF I WAS THERE BECAUSE HE IS INTERVIEWING ME & HE THINKS HE FOUND HIS GUY.

    7. Now @ this point I am jumping up and down because I saw him outside…I saw the man that destiny told me that I would be working with.

    8. He came inside and the front desk lady told him that she found me and @ that point I introduced myself to him and shook his hand.

    9. It was @ this time he asked if I’d eaten and I was like NO…and he invited me to dinner AND the interview.

    10. Now picture this (damn I feel like Sophia) I planned to buy a nice suit so that I can be all ready for this interview the NEXT day @ 2pm. I didn’t want to purchase one here because they are crazy expensive and NOT worth it…Nonetheless, what choice did I have? We met about 8:30 or so and after talking to him (the CFO) and the CEO for @ least two hours (my new record for an interview). After the interview I was asked, HOW DID I THINK IT WENT? I was like this a VERY good interview and I was told that it was…

    After taking my chance for a better life for myself by going to Philly for this interview, one thing stood out for me and that was when I was told that it is NICE to meet the man behind the resume. Even more so, it was SO self-effacing to be told that the ONE thing they look for in an employee is someone that shows HUMILITY and that was evident from the moment we shook hands @ the front desk. And it was @ this time that my heart became so full because finally someone saw me AND wanted to value my worth not only as an employee, but as a person as well…The moment I got the e-mail that started this process, I knew that this job would be mine and as I sit here and write this today, I draw STRENGTH from the POSITIVE energy from each and everyone of you here in the BLOGOSPHERE…WATCH DESTINY & ME WALK HAND IN HAND AS I TAKE THE PLACE THAT WAS BEING PREPARED FOR ME IN THIS WORLD @ THIS MOMENT IN TIME…


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