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Friday, January 23, 2009


Please, find a comfy spot and pay attention…this may be a long one…Who among us finds it strange that we ACCEPT the legitimacy of the CORPORATE world AND don't question their right to exist? I live in a country that has operated on a daily basis with NO real direction, NO real plans in place and NO feeling or compassion when it comes to the workers they step on. Thomas Paine puts it this way, ‘a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first formidable outcry in defense of custom.’ CORPORATIONS are like ROYALTY in that they demand and receive tribute from their subjects in the form of corporate welfare. Like royalty, corporations get to pass on their titles, thereby attaining a degree of immortality. As time passes, wealth becomes more and more concentrated in corporate hands to the point where eventually they will have it all and the rest us will have NOTHING! KINDA MAKES ONE WONDER WHO ACTUALLY LIVES IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY? Moreover, I wonder what are the alternatives? The fact that I have to ask such a rhetorical question means that we MUST transform our own conditioned thinking from that of PROGRAMMED WORKER into LIBERATED CITIZEN. I feel that we need to take a page from the play book of corporations who have spent way too much time consolidating their power AND filling themselves with meaningful democratic control AND turn it on them. We need to remove the myth that because they wrote the rules, we need to accept things as they are simply as our harsh reality. We KNOW that the struggle for equality is difficult because of the apparent overwhelming power of those who think they have it; but it is US who give it to them. And by his yardstick, man is an abject failure; he is a divider, NOT a uniter. Hence is there ANY reason for me to think that I am ignorant for believing that DAUNTING array of economic failures confronting the world today TRULY exists because of CORPORATE greed? Is it crazy of me to think that this particular cancer which has been GROWING EXPONENTIALLY for as long as I’ve been alive is @ the core of many of our nation's economic ills? Is it sad that we as the worker bees just go along with the flow? From the dawn of time, we’ve lived in a world where the privileged few took advantage of the many AND earned roughly 20 times as much as the average employee. And it is time that this narrow single-mindedness that has taken the world down a very bad path comes to an end. The disparity in compensation today is an ethical embarrassment, and I am sure that most of the kings AND queens are NOT feeling much of a pinch. Isn’t it weird how they created this dilemma but now sit back and say they were preparing for a rainy day such as this? My heart cries out as the ills of such a broken system ripple through so many of our lives. Isn’t it UNTHINKABLE that a company that's earning money cutbacks just so they can earn another $12 million or $20 million or $40 million in profit? Mean while the petty workers are surrounded by cubicle walls and don't know how to get out…FUCK THE CORPORATE ROYALTY!


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