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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


If Earth's population was shrunk into a
village of just 100 people-with all the human ratios existing in the world
still remaining-what would this tiny, diverse village look like? That's exactly
what Phillip M. Harter, a medical doctor at the Stanford University School of
Medicine, attempted to figure out. This is what he found:

57 would be Asian

21 would be European

14 would be from the Western Hemisphere

8 would be African

52 would be female

48 would be male

70 would be nonwhite

30 would be white

70 would be non-Christian

30 would be Christian

89 would be heterosexual

11 would be homosexual

6 people would possess 59 percent of
the entire world's wealth, and all 6 would be from the

80 would live in substandard housing

70 would be unable to read

50 would suffer from malnutrition

1 would be near death

1 would be pregnant

1 would have a college education

1 would own a computer

I thought this was interesting and wanted
to share this with you because as I read this I thought to myself that… If you
have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a
place to sleep...you are richer than so many persons in this world. If you have
money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace you are
among the worlds wealthy. If you woke up this morning with more health than
illness...you are more fortunate than the many who will not survive this week. If
you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment,
the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of a lot of people
in the world. If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment,
arrest, torture, or death...you are fortunate, quite a number of people in the
world can't. If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful...
you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not. If you can hold
someone's hand, hug them or even touch them on the shoulder...you are blessed
because you can offer a healing touch…I GUESS


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