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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The thought of a SHATTERED soul of a GAY man battling HIV brings tears to my eyes. So imagine how I felt when a friend of mine confessed to me that he was NO longer taking his medication. An OVERWHELMING feeling of sorrow took over as I realized that I cannot do anything for him other than offer him encouragement AND prayer. It is @ that moment that I realized that I could say BE STRONG, KEEP FIGHTING; yet the reality is this disease takes so much out of person. In addition, to a certain extent, I was ANGRY at the universe because the REAL killer is NOT the possibility of a PHYSICAL DEATH, it is a SOCIAL one. Hearing something like this made me realize that recess is OVER and WE need STOP playing around with this disease. I find it VERY interesting how we do not think about LIFE until DEATH comes knocking in the neighborhood; yet WE ignore the countless amount of GAY men that fighting this fight. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO STOP-LOSS & TAKE OUR GAY BROTHERS IN HAND & GIVE THEM A REASON TO WANT TO BE ON THIS PLANET? We have given okay for this disease to take over OUR lives AND run over the community and this needs to change. HIV does NOT care about who OR what it hurts, so why do we display the same action? We look @ them as if they are NO longer ACCEPTABLE for society as if WE the POWER to approve of each other. HOW CAN WE CONTINUE TO SEGREGATE OURSELVES FROM EACH OTHER WHEN WE LIVE IN A WORLD DIVIDED? IN THIS BATTLE WE NEED TO REMEMBER ONE THING, TODAY FOR HIM BUT TOMORROW MIGHT BE YOU…

Tears Fallen

Marvin, RN

Tears Fallen

My eyes are troubled

By the sea, I looked up and cursed

HIV gave me a big fright

I shy away from the light

He saw the pain in my eyes from above

Jesus, I sought no more love

Having HIV brought me down to my knees

I cried for help and peace

I tried my best to remain calm

My sorrows laid in both palms

Where’s my life going?

Somewhere out there, coming to a end soon

Tomorrow may never come

Borrowed time I need

My work in this world isn’t done

My soul is empty of you, I’m alone

With HIV, it’s hard to cope

You’re my last hope

From my spirit, you released everything negative

Strength came upon me to live HIV positive

Thanks for the gift of life

Against suicide, I put down the knife

You moved me so deeply

Joyful tears fallen


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