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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It seems that most people live their ENTIRE lives in ANGER and DESPAIR and they do not have a logical reason for such a state. I know that we were ALL born into the system and told to it ACCEPT it for what it is. However, as life goes on I feel HUMANITY will realize that there is something was terribly wrong with this notion. One like myself wonders why such a system is in existence in the first place? We all know that life has NO road maps; we just embark on this journey, with NO way of turning back once our paths have been revealed to us. Therefore, when we find a path that renders us HOPELESS we give up because we feel that once our feet is on the path, we undoubtedly have to cope with FAILURE that has come out way. I however, believe that each path that leads down the road of anguish can eventually takes us to where we ought to be. Why not see this optimism as DESTINY and the obstacles as FATE? We all know that obstacles appear to be inconveniences, which force us to take pause. We ought to remember that we draw to us that which we need to LEARN and LIFE positions us where we are need most. Obstacles are mere opportunities; how WE deal with them is important. We ought NOT to allow the SHADOWY control of FAILURE to take over. We need to try our hardest to see BEYOND our HANG UPS and NEGATIVITY. The SYSTEM is F&CKED up and we need rise above it. We need a sense of RESOLVE and that can only come from OUR collective STRENGTHS. This world is HOPELESS because so many of us do not have that and most of us are STILL searching for ourselves. Our world is HOPELESS because we do not care about others, hence they do NOT care about themselves. We are ALL so GUARDED and CAUTIOUS that we loose the BIGGER picture. I FEEL LIFE IS HOPELESS BECAUSE ADULTS ARE NATURALLY SELFISH! WE HAVE DEVELOPED A DEFENSE MECHANISM THAT IS NATURALLY DESTROYING US & THIS DOES NOT ENSURE THE COLLECTIVE SURVIVAL OF OUR PLANET? Therefore, I implore everyone on this planet to see HOPELESSNESS as MESSAGES that are in disguise and our task is to strip away the MASK and become the recipient of the blessings that they bear. IT IS ONLY THEN WE CAN MOVE FROM THIS PLACE OF LOSS & DEFEAT THE DARKNESS THAT HAS COVERED OUR REALITY. I HOPE WE ALL KNOW THAT WE HAVE HOPE, I CAN HEAR INNER CHILD, SO SWEET…SO INNOCENTLY WAILING &; RAGING AGAINST THE DYING LIGHT, CAN YOU HEAR YOURS?


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