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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Saturday, October 6, 2007


Music is an ART form consisting of SOUND and SILENCE expressed through TIME divided into GENRES and SUB-GENRES. For as long as I can remember MUSIC has been an important part of my life, there are so many songs that I can relate to various times in my life. I have for the most part been subjected to OLDER persons saying how much has changed and the stuff that is out @ that time leaves a lot to be desired. During this time, I thought they were crazy just could not appreciate the music of that time. Now I TOTALLY get that foreign feeling and can relate to what they were experiencing back then. However, I feel this time it is worst and the music that is being produced is NOTHING short of crap. I get the feeling that these GENRES are concern with pushing albums and making everyone dance for the 3-5 minutes they are popular then they are forgotten. Nevertheless, has anyone ever REALLY notice how they REITERATE the most DUMB SOUNDING lyrics? Very few songs grab my attention, I LOVE an artist that is philosophical and presents music that has FLESH n’ SUBSTANCE. However, that notion is outdated and completely dead. Most GENRES are failing, mainly the RAP, REGGAE with R & B not too far behind. They are laced with SEX, DRUGS and VIOLENCE; leaving me wondering how can one call that music? The fans are told to do a particular dance move, or try to look like me as I live my dream I find that scary. These visual representations are seen as status symbols and things to be aspired to which are not the important things in life, this generation already has a QUICK FIX syndrome about them; this makes it worst. The lyrical content just sparks the phenomenon that BLACK people in particular only promote simple things, do not aspire too much, and are incapable of higher or more virtuous or spiritual goals than material gain. These artists somehow fell into this trap thinking that it is HARMELESS fun and they could not be anymore mistaken. No amount of money they earn can every erase how they further the destruction of communities that are deem HOPELESS. The crazy thing about it is that there are so many carbon copies that it is sickening, they try so hard to separate themselves from each other that they don’t. I thought music was supposed to take you to another PLACE n’ TIME, not make one feel good then leaving a bad taste in the mouth. The artists that produce these HITS are just following the instructions of some BIG record producer that is looking for some QUICK CASH & NOTORIETY. I GET THAT MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION & IT IS UP TO US TO DECIDE WHAT OUR LIKES & DISLIKES ARE. HOWEVER IF THE PICKINGS ARE SLIM TO NONE & WE HAVE A HEAP OF YOUNG PERSONS THAT ARE TRYING TO FIND WHO THEY ARE & WHERE THEY FIT IN, HOW CAN WE THEN JUST SAY IT IS ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION & THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER? WHO THEN IS THE BLAME FOR THE MONEY THAT IS BEING MADE & THE COMMUNITIES THAT ARE BEING DESTROYED?


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