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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Monday, August 27, 2007


WHY WOULD MAN CARE ABOUT WHAT ANOTHER MAN DOES WITH HIS D!CK N' ASS? I find it quite STRANGE and INTERESTING how MEN get upset when they find out or realize that another MAN isn't interested in PUSSY or WOMEN. One would ASSUME that they would or should be overjoyed with MEN like myself because that means more PUSSY for him. HOW DOES THIS CRUSH HIS CONQUERING IMAGE? HOW DOES THIS MAKE HIM FEEL LESS OF A MAN BECAUSE OF WHAT I DO WITH MY D!CK N' ASS? DOES THIS MEAN I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN HE & HE KNOWS IT? Funny how this is a NO BRAINER, people in general are always afraid of things that they don't want to see. Hence when someone like ME shows up in the mirror the rules change and they have to look unable to take their eyes away. I have CAPTURED their SOUL and they no longer will be able to live a life that is CAGED, I am where REAL freedom is @. Nonetheless, what makes MEN so concern about where I sling my D!CK or how I back my ASS up? IS IT BECAUSE THEY ARE CONCERN ABOUT MY SOUL & ME GOING TO HELL or IS IT BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST DOING WHAT THE WORLD SAYS THEY SHOULD? What ever the reason I don’t think they themselves comprehend their illogical way of thinking. Instead of just seeking and accepting religious logic, maybe they should have INTELLECTUAL logic to draw a better conclusion. Seeking intellectual logic gives one more to go on and they can OPEN their minds to the REAL issue. It will be like the tail wagging the dog instead of dog wagging the tail; the issue should be explored followed by a conclusion. In this regard one can do away with subservient emotional and religious logic get to the human aspect of homosexuality. I know deep in the heart of man lies the truth about homosexuality and religion just harshly support HOMOPHOBIA. But what is so strange is that most of these MEN are not particularly religious in any sense of the word; I guess this is how MAN repents for HIS SINS by DENOUNCING another...AND WHAT SIN IS GREATER THAN BEING A HOMOSEXUAL? Man’s logic is WITHOUT logic because there is no CLEAR bashing of homosexuality in the GREAT BOOK OF FAIRY TALES (i. e. THE BIBLE). Theoretically, I believe all humans, and most animals, have both heterosexual and homosexual aspects to both their nature. This further proves that SEXUALITY is an INNATE thing and it isn’t something that is made up or done for the F&CK of it. I AM MOVE BY RHYTHM & MY D!CK N’ ASS MOVES TO A DIFFERENT BEAT…WHEN MAN SPITS IN THE WIND MORE THAN LIKELY HE IS SPITTING IN HIS OWN FACE. LOGIC & REASON STANDS THAT THE ONES THAT MAKE THE MOST NOISE ARE THE ONES THAT ARE LIVING THAT BOTTOMS UP, TOPS DOWN LIFE STYLE…THEY KNOW ALL TOO WELL ABOUT D!CK N’ ASS.


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