I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, August 23, 2007


  1. ¿is your sky cloudy?
  2. ¿do you feel left out in the rain?
  3. ¿are you searching for a rainbow?
  4. ¿do the colors bring you pain?
  5. ¿is your world is not revolving?
  6. ¿do you look for the sunshine?
  7. ¿are you tired of all this living?
  8. ¿you find it hard to carry on everyday?
  9. ¿do you see the good within?
  10. ¿do you think about what life owes you?
  11. ¿is you heart torn leaving broken forever?
  12. ¿are your wings useless?
  13. ¿do you wish you touch and feel something?
  14. ¿do you wish you can find one place where it all stays and never leaves?
  15. ¿do you have many questions but no answers?
  16. ¿do you wish to be free?
  17. ¿did you wish you had a choice?
  18. ¿did you turn your back on the world?
  19. ¿are you worthless?
  20. ¿are you cold and numb?
  21. ¿are you losing your grip?
  22. ¿did someone kill your eternal bliss?
  23. ¿have you fallen asleep waiting for death to come?
  24. ¿are you trying to scream and shout?
  25. ¿have you slipped into the unknown?
  26. ¿are you a ghost?
  27. ¿do you know how to love?
  28. ¿do you know how to feel?
  29. ¿is there a hole in your being?
  30. ¿do you wish you had comfort?
  31. ¿do you wish you had peace?
  32. ¿do you live for others?
  33. ¿are you naΓ―ve?
  34. ¿are you falling off?
  35. ¿are you inconsiderate?
  36. ¿are you self-absorb?
  37. ¿are you uncompassionate?
  38. ¿do you know who you are?
  39. ¿do you what you have become?
  40. ¿do you bleed to feel pain?
  41. ¿are you haunted by the hidden meaning?
  42. ¿do you know what it means anymore?
  43. ¿do you want intimacy?
  44. ¿do you believe in God?
  45. ¿do you regret the past, present and future?
  46. ¿do you know to be an adult?
  47. ¿are you what you hate?
  48. ¿do you wish you could be what they want you to be?
  49. ¿are trying to be great in your eyes?
  50. ¿do you have a life struggle?


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