I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We GAY VOYAGERS came into this world handicapped by the very life that we are given; only to be taunt and teased by the thoughts of happiness that dangles rigth before our eyes in the form of IGNORANCE. This ignorance shows itself everyday and my friends and I got a taste of it this past Saturday while out enjoying each other’s company. There was this boy that proceeded to bodly say that we are THE CONCH SALAD CREW. Now I heard him and stopped him dead in his tracks and he was quite shocked and puzzled because he thought that he’d met a group of TYPICAL GAY PEOPLE; HELL NO! He met GAY VOYAGERS that knows that THIS SH!T IS OURS AND WE OWN THIS B!TCH…LOCK, STOCK AND TWO F&CKING BARRELS…But interesting enough, he seems to have the notion that when he visits, he is the prince of this kingdom living in the land of fun @ our expense. Such a silly boy, does he know that the fact that he came to OUR kingdom that makes him one of us? Does he know that from that moment on whether he stayed or left we knew that he was OURS? This human soul demands respect and it’ll sacrifice individuals to achieve such a cause. Little does he know, but we are all the same and we all have the same desires in life. Nonetheless, I am constantly astounded by the contrast between my view of HIM and his view of HIMSELF. Acceptance is the bridge that connect him between INGORANCE and INTELLEGENCE. He knows deep in himself that in truth his opinion suffers from the lie of the label he place on it. But he isn’t alone, the world is against us as well. We belong to them no longer our own; we are slaves of their own self-doubt. In their minds we are just the chattels of life, the whisper in the air. But our unshackled egos on that day showed him our true voice. We took the road that talked and HE got OUR message loud and clear; WE WILL NOT PAY THE PENALTY OF BEING UNIQUE, OF BEING AN ANOMALY IN THIS WORLD! I’ve waited for this day and in the past I use to allow myself to just take this HATRED and say that it’s ACCEPTED and EXPECTED because of MY SEXUAL PREFERENCE. So now our time has come and our day of PRIDE came and I was happy to be apart of it. The light of HOPE that I sought for years on end finally shown down on us and we finally removed the eyelids that might cease to see the flashing mystery of darkness that surrounded us. Funny how I had walked this road many times and never had this outcome; now the tables have turned and it’s my turn to finally get what I’ve been yearning for. For far too long my world lay in mist; engulfed in a fog. Now I am watching the sun steadily shining through, shredding the mist of ignorance and hatred. For far too long I was like an infant lying helplessly while demons played hide-and-seek with my soul. Now I stand in HIS sight naked of all accidental social trappings; VICTORY IS A B!TCH. this moment is HEART-REVEALING especially when I think of the crimes and inhumane things committed in the name of rightoeusness. I WAS BORN BENEATH A BANNER I DID NOT CHOOSE, BUT LIKE MANY OTHERS LIKE MYSELF, I HAVE GROWN FROM A MERE INFANT TO A STRONG HOMOSEXUAL MAN. I NOW KNOW WHY I FELT DISTRAUGHT WHEN THE ANGELS OF BIRTH DROPPED ME IN THE TENTS OF THE UNFORGIVEN, THE UNLOVED…THE UNWANTED. I THANK GOD EVERYDAY THAT I AM WHO I AM, FOR THIS VERY REASON I AM A WHOLE AND RECONCILED BEING.


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