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Wednesday, April 11, 2007



To speak something is to believe believe something is to emphatically stand behind emphatically stand behind something is to think something. And to think something without an explanation, has no merit in my book. Well well well it’s that time again; the time when our country comes to live and amidst the buzz and frenzy we totally forget what our SOLE purpose is @ this time in our country. This time comes around every five years and we get to decide who is best to control and run our country. With that said, we have the only two parties that have enough power and presence to take on that job; and they are the present government the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL PARTY (PLP) and the opposition the FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT (FNM). Personally, I believe this country is ready for a change. A change from traditional thought patterns...A change from the "old regime." A change from a party that’s not PROGRESSIVE or LIBERAL. I believe that this change will forge "a different "look" and a different "point of view" that will force this country to change the way it thinks and believes on many issues. SO SOUND THE ALARM…THE BEAST IS LOOSE...IT AIN’T LONG NOW and our country will finally get a MAN…a LEADER! This country deserves to have someone that can take a stand on the issues facing it and make decisions and maintain the confidence of the Bahamian people, cementing their belief in his abilities. At this point I admit it’s hard for me to express my feelings about who should run our country without coming off as a HUGE FNM supporter but I feel that this party has taken the Bahamas in a direction that only they could, this party gave HOPE and PROSPERITY to all Bahamians. This party in my opinion proved exactly who this country belonged to and who has claim to its resources. I like many other persons in this country grew up in the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL PARTY era and I like many Bahamians believed their hype and fast talk to make our country better. But as time went on and I grew older and wiser, I came to see that maybe it isn’t such a harsh thing that the PLP lost their place as the party that ran this country to the (FNM). I find it amazing how we as a nation can be swayed by a MAN that appears to be charismatic and captivating. We took what this MAN as GOSPEL (LITERALLY) we decided that what he was selling was more important than what the country needed @ that time. Needless to say he has proven to ME and countless others that HE has no plan for this country, HE had no vision and that HE is a MAN that pretty much plays it by ear and reacts rather than anticipate. From year one we had scandals and eye brows were raised as we saw how HIS cabinet members blundered their jobs given to them and how much of challenged it presented. From the junkanoo bleachers, to the minister that claimed bankruptcy, to the other members that didn’t support their deputy leader who took over when their ‘leader’ was incapacitated. One would think that the issues stopped there but it didn’t and yet I can’t understand why persons still support such a party. I CALL THESE PERSONS, “VILLAGE IDI-ASSES” for they support the present government; they in their infinite wisdom are DIE HARD PLP’s. Well not that there is something wrong with that, I just don’t know how anyone can support a party that did nothing for 5 years and don’t have a problem with that. Persons would say ‘there is the urban renewal project’ well a member of the party said that is a ‘WORK IN PROGRESS.’ Now I am thinking good because I grew up in the ghetto and I don’t see a change due to this so call project. The PLP has proven that they are unable to deal with the issues facing the nation and the multitude of problems they have brought upon themselves and the country. After five years we are all in serious danger and are paying the price because of a lack of vision, poor planning by a hopeless Prime Minister and his helpless team. I can only wonder why they given such task? I can only hope that the ‘VILLAGE IDI-ASSES’ don’t repeat what they did last election; they have to know that the PLP is confused and don’t know their ASS from their ASS. What Bahamians lack today is a Government that wants a better bahamas. But soon and very soon the Bahamian people will have the opportunity to vote for a Government that has an effective programme for the empowerment of Bahamians a Government that wants to develop the country and create a better Bahamas for ALL!


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