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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007


HOMOSEXUALITY IS A FORM OF LOVE...and HATE is the most maligned and misunderstood of our SEXUALITY! I know that anger is the most powerful outlet. Men build from love and destroy from hate. But too often one cannot build unless one first destroys. I find it scary how GAY MEN here live their life’s and how they treat those that around them. I HATE how GAY MEN can't deal with their own inadequacies and lash out against others. I HATE one GAY MAN in particular deals with the things he can't control, its one thing to show anger @ home but when it's brought out for public spectation that's another story. TALK ABOUT DAVID AND GOLIATH...the only thing is that in this story DAVID got his ASS KICKED. GOLIATH took his sling-shot and shoved it down his throat. Sadly, GOLIATH is his own worst enemy. He is a prisoner within very strong walls, and all the maudlin sentiment in the world, all the wishes for "understanding" and "peace" and only anger will smash them. He exists in a perpetual state of tension or crisis. To what degree depends upon his surroundings. He has learned to HATE, unfortunately he doesn’t hate the right things…HE should HATE passionately everyone and everything that causes him to hate himself, other homosexuals, and homosexuality itself. He should hate every impulse to hide his homosexuality, every impulse to cover up, avert one's eye, change the conversation; to hate every single aspect of his denial of existence — every imposition of heterosexuality upon him: every television program that suggests that "ALL" people are heterosexual; every evening of TV or radio programming in which he is invisible and unheard; every school where hetero patterns are foisted upon every child; to hate every anti-homosexual feeling he has in himself, every temptation to role playing, every word of the "GAY" vocabulary derived from the heterosexual and hetero-prostitute vocabulary of ugliness, impersonality, and contempt for sex, every sexual fantasy in which the body without a man inside is preferred to a full man, every sadistic/masochistic image and thrill, every unnatural swish, every affected effeminate mannerism, every rattail comb and eyebrow pencil, every falsie and hormone shot, every drag ball, every gym or beach that deprives the homosexual of dignity and personhood. I wish he knew that HATE is powerful, more powerful than our ability to diver it or our power to deny it. Hate is dynamic, not static. Hate moves the body to aggression; it moves the mind to aggression too. If that aggression is not let out it will nonetheless work its will, but in that case it will have nowhere to work but on the self. And then, instead of serving the end of self-preservation, it goes instead to push self-destruction. SO THE NEXT TIME GOLIATH DECIDES TO BEAT THE F&CK OUT OF HIS BOYFRIEND, I WISH HE WOULD FIND HIS WAY TO MY COUCH. I would tell him not to curse the darkness but light a fuse instead. There is much that is ugly in the "GAY WORLD" and in the minds of homosexuals. But NONE of it is homosexual. Blast the heterosexual notions out of your head. Blast the heterosexual parasites out of the gay world. Smash the heterosexual patterns that invade our lives. Stomp heterosexual ideas of beauty and right, into the dust. Wrench yourselves out of heterosexual strongholds. Let yourself drift into a violent mood and know what has brought you to it, smash the straight world aside and underfoot and build a homosexual world in a homosexual place. Hate the right people and the right things and use the dynamism of constructive hate to rebuild your world. I wonder if he knows that this incident demonstrates the extreme vulnerability of homosexuals in a heterosexual-dominated community. Do you think he knows that his actions brought down the WHOLE community? DO YOU THINK HE KNOWS HE ACTED LIKE A BOY IN THE MARKET?


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