I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Saturday, November 4, 2006


Lord I ask that when men and women read the words that I write, that it would be use to build up and influence and provoke them out of bondage, out of the chains in which holds them down, which holds them without an understanding, which holds them without love and compassion! And Lord I ask that this word would bring strength and awareness to the nation that this word is design to deliver and set free...I b the PRISSY B!TCH that you is hard to please. I am that stuck up, goody-two-shoes, self-centered and all-knowing B!TCH. I am the PRISSY B!TCH armed with a catty remark about you, your friends and anyone else that may make my day inconvenient. I have the talent to turn any minor even into a titanic pain in the ass. I know how dull and unfulfilling it is to have a man who doesn't love back, who offers no challenge or danger…I know that most MEN are ‘naturally’ half-people. I won’t settle for a man that doesn’t know what I want; I refuse to accept a man who tries to rape me of the things that make who I am! I have come to realize that men are drippy, sexless bores. I want an actual man; not a fake one, you know the type that isn’t insecure and have such a poor sense of self that they feel the only way to find some kind of identity is to perform monstrous masculinity. I know I am attracted to men that are confident. There's nothing more maddening than an insecure guy who's terrified in the bedroom and constantly worried about what I think of him. I know that a man that is insecure has no soul. I just want to FUCK I have no time to baby and pamper a MAN. I'm a man, and if I don’t like the way I FUCK and get FUCK from a man I will simply separate myself the portion of my life. I know that I AM THE BEST FUCK YOU WILL EVER HAVE! I know I have what it takes to make your roll back in your head; think about it, YOU WANT TO BE WITH ME BECAUSE YOUR MAN WANTS TO BE ME. FUCKING me leaves you feeling strong and manly. I am a warrior and I need to be with someone who is a match for me. I can appreciate a man who knows there's a whole ocean of fish out there, who isn't afraid of being himself in case he is rejected by me. Truth be told, a real man doesn't care what I think about him…he answers solely to his spirit. You know the same spirit that allows him to romp freely across the plains, raping and pillaging as he goes! With a rifle over one shoulder and blood on his mouth! There's nothing sexier than a violent, uncaring asshole. Can you say YUM? A real man don't pretend or even try to understand me, I’m actually not human. Simply love me for being the mysterious, capricious creature I am. I am a very difficult man to be with. I know I have caused MANY MEN great pain and anxiety. But hey we are all adults and ultimately it is wholly their choice whether they want to be with me or not - I cannot be anyone other than myself. I'M JUS' NATURALLY A PRISS B!TCH...I can't even try to communicate like a human being! "I am what I am!" I know that I want a MAN that challenges me to grow - professionally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I believe in people being themselves and following their hearts towards whatever destiny lies before them. So don’t come half stepping cause this PRISSY B!TCH WILL SEND YO ASS PACKING!


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